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HOT-ROX Question


The directions on HOT-ROX says that you should take it on an empty stomache.

I get up every weekday at 8am and get ready for school and eat at around 8:30.

How long are you suppost to be waiting before eating something after taking the HOT-ROX?

Should I wake up at like 7am swallow some caps and go back to bed for my hour?

Also one more quick thing, I'm trying to get in excellent condition for spring break. My plan is to cycle for the whole month of Feb. stop for march and get back on them for the rest of April to be ready for around mid April. Any other options you guys think is better?

Thanks a lot


The directions for almost anything say to take on an empty stomach because it minimizes interactions with food that you might eat, and because it may be slightly more effective. Half an hour is probably fine.

I wouldn't think that it would be worth disrupting sleep as I know some people that don't take HOT-ROX on a totally empty stomach and they're doing just fine.


I've had what I would describe as fantastic results with HOT-ROX, and I never take them on an entirely empty stomach. I take my first four at 9am with a Metabolic Drive shake and the second four at 3pm, again with a Metabolic Drive shake, since I'd be getting the shakes in then anyway. I can't swear that this isn't negating some of the HOT-ROX benefits, but I've averaged about 2 pound of weight loss per week week both times I've used them in this fashion while cutting (a two-month interval last year and a 6-week interval since Christmas).

Yes, I know the name changed, but I'm still going through the last of my Grow! :stuck_out_tongue:


I had the exact same question - how long until you should be eating anything? 30 minutes?


Take each serving of HOT-ROX either 30-60 minutes prior to a meal or 3-4 hours after.

If you don't fall within these ranges exactly, don't worry about it.


I've been cycling my HOT-ROX so far and it seems to be agreeing with me quite well, I'm pleased.

One funny thing though, anyone notice that it make them shit in the morning? Lol about 20 min after I take them in the morning I have to shit lol, j/w. It's not like I have go have an explosive crap hahah I just have to go.

Maybe it's just the water? I have no idea.


naughtybox I absolutely do not get that effect from it.

What I find is that I don't need to eat if I take it. Normally if I don't eat, I might get light-headed ... for example, in the morning, if I skip breakfast and go about my daily things until a few hours with no food, I'd feel light headed. With HOT-ROX I don't, which to me suggests it is breaking down fat and making glucose to feed my brain. Also I am more awake taking it. So I believe it works and would recommend it as an appetite suppressant as well.


Please do not skip breakfast. Great way to mess up your metabolism, and ruin the attempts to build muscle, or remove fat.

Some people may need some time for their stomachs to "wake up" before you can eat, but don't ever skip breakfast.