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Hot-Rox question

I just read the article on Hot-Rox, and have a few questions.

  1. Since the synthetic guggelsterones help with T3, would it be advisable to use the original T2 or T2Pro with Hot-Rox?
  2. How will the A7-E interact with Mag-10, since there would be two isomers of 17-hydroxyandrost-1-ene-3-one ethylcarbonate in the bloodstream?

If I only had some more money, I’d add Hot-Rox immediately to my Biotest arsenal. Right now I have 2 bottles of original MD6, 2 bottles of reformulated MD6, a tub of Powerdrive, 5 tubs of Surge, 2 tubs of LC Grow, three packets of the original Grow, one bottle of Methoxy7, 3 bottles each of T2 and T2Pro, and 8 bottles of Mag-10. Oh, I also have 6 bottles of Carlson’s Norweigan Cod Liver Oil. Only 2 tablespoons, and I have 3.5grams of EPA and DHA. After listing all of this, I still don’t think I have enough stuff!!!-The Starkdog

I’ve got a bunch of steaks in the fridge… :wink:

Oops, another reason why I am not a chemistry major. A7-E and A1-E are from totally seperate compounds. Ignore that part of question #2, but I wonder how Mag-10, Hot-Rox, and Myostat will work together.

Question #3, other than getting a warm feeling, are there any other CNS effects, kinda like the feeling from Powerdrive?

Question #4, How will Hot-rox target estrogenic fat deposits- hips, butt, love handles? Would a combination of Hot-Rox and M help to reduce this, and to what effect would this have on pubescent gyno, not necessarily from aromatization of testosterone based gyno, but jacked up eating habits and hormones?

Hopefully Tim will cover stacks next week. It sounds like a good stand alone supplement though.

I was surprised that yohimbe HCL and ALA were left out.

Oh well. I bet it’s still superior.

Now I know where all the Biotest stuff went :slight_smile:

Poohbaya, there’s a two-fold answer on ALA, both being opinions of mine that Tim agreed with. First, while one doesn’t want to say, “Here’s our product, and by the way, there are all these other things one really ought to take with it too,” you also don’t want to overload it with everything including the kitchen sink for several reasons. I mean, for example, many dieters who are practically living on protein power are not getting sufficient zinc and magnesium, or may not be getting enough potassium or even enough sodium. So should HOT-ROX have contained these? Well no, because many users will NOT be deficient in these.

So while we wouldn’t want to have
recommendations that, for example,
you ought to go buy 5-HTP and acetyl-L-carnitine and stack them with HOT-ROX, rather than having them “built-in,” there are things that are worthwhile that aren’t in there, and we don’t at all mind saying that adding ALA could be a good thing, as could adding fish oil for example.

A second reason is that it’s possible that Biotest will have another product that does include ALA, and then someone wishing to combine the products would be getting more ALA than intended if HOT-ROX also contained it.