HOT-ROX Predicament, Help

Hey fellas,
About a month ago i walk into a GNC (yes i know…) cause my girlfriend was shopping and i didn’t want any of that… And i saw on the discount table a bottle of HOT-ROX… i went over there and it was selling for 7 dollars because it was about to expire. So i bought it but now im in a pickle.

Im 5 11 and about 8 percent body fat at around 189 lbs and trying to bulk to around 200. Of course i wouldn’t mind becoming leaner as my goal is to look good naked (no flaming guys lol) but i dont want me taking these to slow down the already slow process of putting on LBM . BUT i was wondering what i should do with the HOT-ROX.

A. Change nothing and just keep lifting heavy and take the HOT-ROX and see what happens.

B. Eat more calories (im eating around 4000 ish right now but they are mostly really clean calories… with my metabolism i prolly should throw in some pizza if i was taking the HOT-ROX lol)

C. Throw them in the freezer for 6 months and hope they are still god and hope iv gained wieght by then

D. Throw them in the Trash.

Thanks for you help fellas.

Well, first off, 8% is pretty f’ing lean already, and at 189, with 8%, you should have the exact same build as me. I consider myself a lean big boy, and I got tank-tested at 9%.

Secondly, are you gaining weight with the amount of food you are currently eating? If not, obviously adjust accordingly even if it is adding a touch of something to each meal (it adds up quite quick).

Third, you are at 8%, if the HRX are about to expire, just toss them. You are lean already and have got room to bulk. Cutting should be a breeze with that amount of muscle mass burning up those extra calories (it was for me).

I say option A

Me personally I’d go with B but not use it as an excuse to toss in junk. I don’t have any proof of this but for me someone hypothetically taking 4000 calories and expending 3500 is going to gain less lean muscle than someone eating 4500 and using 4000.

Since taking green tea extract and doing cardio several times a week and upping my calories(mostly breakfast and around training) I’ve been able to get the scale moving again after a short plateau. So I’m eating more but also burning more through cardio and slightly raised metabolism. How’s that for scientific evidence ha.

It sort of reminds me of Berardi’s G-Flux idea now that I put it into writing.

Depends on your goals and what you believe would work for you though.

But im worried about the HOT-ROX possibly holding me back from muscle growth. I figure tho that that would only occur if i was to eat less while taking it?

To take a fat burner and eat more to compensate doesnt seem to make any sense to me at all.
If your trying to bulk dont take fat burners and dont worry about looking good naked and on the beach for a while. Eat a lot and eat clean and gain a few % bf.

I guess im trying to figure out if taking this will hurt my bulk at all… i mean… (iv been bulking for 3 years lol, eating everything i can.) if its just going to help me lose fat might as well use it and not throw it away… I dont see the negative in take n it.

As long as you’re eating enough, Hot-Rox will not have negative effects on building muscle. In fact, it will probably speed your results.

[quote]Mod Brian wrote:
As long as you’re eating enough, HOT-ROX will not have negative effects on building muscle. In fact, it will probably speed your results.[/quote]

This has been true for me, the speeding up of muscle gains that is, while using HOT-ROX.