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HOT-ROX Pre-Workout?


I have done some searching and wasn't able to find any info on this, so what if any thoughts are there about when to take the morning dose? Would it be beneficial to take it before morning workout or cardio, or wait and take it after? Any thoughts?


Its been my experence that post work out is best. I tried a bunch of different dose routines over the last year and a bit. The one that seem to work best for me was post morning. Went from 257 to 160 in about 4.5 months. Now working on 185 currently 180. HOT-ROX is one of the best products I have EVER used!


Can you expand a bit more on how you would be timing it.


Certainly. I have found that my morning workouts were more then enough to get the metabolism going. HOT-ROX certainly will give you a boost in the morning but I found that if I took it 15 minutes before a workout I was kind of burning out a bit quicker.

Granted that my intensity was slightly more pronounced but I felt that I wasn't getting all I could do in at that time. I shifted the does to be 30 minutes post workout. Now it recommends that HOT-ROX be taken on an empty stomach and for me that's not always possible. Right after the workout I down a Surge shake. I hit the shower get dressed for work by that point its 30 minutes post workout and down go the HOT-ROX.

The thing I noticed most in the post work out dose for me was that I seemed to lose more fat much more rapidly. Perhaps because I could last a bit longer in the gym, or some other reason but post workout yielded greater results for me. I hope this helps?


Thanks for the info. How about the afternoon dose? Did you wiat the reccommneded 6 hours, or did you do it before or after your meal?


I followed the instructions to the letter and took the second dose 6 hours later on an empty stomach. It was about an hour and a half after the meal.


Okay, I'm dreaming, but it would be nice to see a study showing the composition of the energy sources used by a muscle AFTER various types of exercise.

So, do some cardio and watch the energy use curve for carbs and fats.

Do some interval training and watch the energy use curve for carbs and fats.

Do some long rest strength based lifting and watch the energy use curve for carbs and fats.

Do some short rest lactate inducing lifting and watch the energy use curve for carbs and fats.

Now, do the same but with a serving of HOT-ROX before and after the workouts to monitor changes in substrate usage.

Wouldn't it be nice to say, hey, if I do X, then I'm going to burn approximately Y grams of fat over the next Z hours?


What would you say your body type is? Did you lose a lot of that 257 from fat or what? How did you change your diet to go along with the morning workouts and HOT-ROX?


I've always taken my HOT-ROX first thing in the morning, and then 6 hours later.

So, if your workout happens to fall in the morning, I think you'd get a nice boost of energy before hand. I know I always feel energized and ready to go after a dose.

Try it like that and if for whatever reason (I'm really curious if you find one) you don't like it before your workout, just take it afterwards.

It's not like any of the compounds have a short half-life, so really it's no big deal, as far as your metabolism goes, when you take them (just be consitent). You just might get a better energy boost for your workout if you taken it beforehand.

Hope this helps!