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Hot-Rox, Power Drive, and Canada


Just a heads up for people shipping into Canada, I've just had both of HOT-ROX and powerdrive refused entry at the boarder (despite being lucky a few times before apparently). The banned ingredients in HOT-ROX is the yombine something something, and DMAE in the Power Drive.

Oh, also, they gave me a number for the boarder services arm of Health Canada, 416 973 1477. The only reliable place to get information about what will be stopped at the boarder, apparently.


I lost some Spike and Power Drive a couple years back, and during a buy 2 get 1 promo no less. Same deal, yohimbine and DMAE. My seizure paperwork was rather incomplete as well, it simply let me know the supps had been taken with no phone number to contact or options presented for returning the product to sender.

It made me think there's a Customs and Revenue/Border Services worker with a locker full of Biotest stuff somewhere. Or I was just unlucky.


I've heard to just buy jugs of protein with your order, so if they inspect it at customs they just see the protein jugs (with the HOT-ROX and Power Drive beneath) and don't bother taking everything out and inspecting due to time restraints.

Regardless, I have never gotten anything stopped at the border; not sure if it is due to this or luck though.


I've ordered 3 bottles of HOT-ROX over 2 shipments, but I always order some Metabolic Drive and Flameout to make the shipping worth it. Never even had a box opened yet. Bad luck.