HOT-ROX Package Winner

And the winner of the HOT-ROX prize package is… RANDMAN!

And just for the random fun of it, how about we toss out some of those cool T-Nation shirts with the tribal symbol?

Atreides and storey420, you two win a T-shirt!

Congrats to all! We’ll do another promo soon! And if you didn’t win, be sure to enter the contest in T-mag’s current issue. That one is still going on and the prize is much bigger!

Dammit! What do you mean random?

Confess! They’re your brothers, right?!

tucking shirt back in Oh well, who gives a…I mean CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I am teasin’, ya know. Glad you guys have these promos! :slight_smile:

dam…someday I will win…

The day I’ll win it’ll be something Canada won’t allow in the country!

All I want is a T-Nation Shirt dangit!

Well, some Tribex would be nice to thaw out my frozen Canadian balls.


Hey, I was surprised enough that T-mag/Biotest holds contests like these (I’m still new to the forums). Cool company!

I’m WAY confused. How is it that some of us thought there were 5 questions, and the winners only gave 4 answers? Wasn’t there a question about the total number of capsules in the Anabolic Super-Stack?

Have I gone totally insane? (Along with polar ice and Dan McVicker)

TShaw - After the promo was launched we decided that one of the questions wasn’t fair, so we zapped it. Some had already answered it though before we removed it.

The question was confusing because Tribex, purchased alone, now has 110 caps. Purchased as part of the Super-Stack deal, it has 90. So asking about the number of caps could have been confusing.

Just wanted to thank the T-mag guys for the hook up. Thats pretty damn cool that not only do you guys give out free training info/advice daily but occasionally you can win free shit too!

That makes sense. Phew! It was like that feeling when the teacher would say “Okay, hand in your 10-page paper.” and you are thinking “10! I thought it was 15! Why did I stay up all those nights?”

Uh…not that I was staying up nights working on the Hot Rox assignment.

Tim “Ready for the Next Contest” Shaw

I couldn’t believe when I checked my email this morning that I won! I’ll be wearing the Testosterone tshirt proudly. The hot-roxx will definitely come in handy on the next cutting cycle as well…