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HOT-ROX or Se7en?

One day, I hope to be able take all the supplements I want, but these days, I have a very limited budget. I would like to add both HOT-ROX Extreme and Se7en to my diet, but can only afford to buy one this month. Any advice on which one I should choose?

I am currently looking to bulk up and build major muscle mass. To do so, I am eating ~2600 calories/day while lifting 4 times/week. I currently have about 15% body fat, but am expecting to gain a little fat along with my new muscle.

I currently supplement with protein powder, creatine, and fish oil. Will either HOT-ROX Extreme or Se7en be beneficial to me right now? Or is there another supplement I should consider?

I’d spend the $50 on BCAA’s which will go far for building muscle mass. HOT-ROX is a fat burner, something not really used for “bulking” but I guess it can be. Anyway, if your gonna spend $50 you could get about 900g of powdered BCAA’s which are absolutely worth the cost.

If you’re looking to buy one item from the Biotest store and your goal is bulking up, I’m gonna’ reccomend you go with Biotest’s Creatine. Like the others have noted, BCAAs are a good addition if you can afford them.

7, HRX is a fat burner.

but bcaa’s would be your BEST bet.

I forgot to add that I am also taking BCAAs already. Also, despite that I am focusing on muscle gain, I also suffer from low-temperatures and chronic fatigue, both of which I’ve heard HRX can help with. Still, I’m thinking I will focus on muscle mass for now, and start with Se7en.

If you haev low temperatures and fatigue you probably have metabolism issues. They say a 1 degree change in morning temp. indicated almost a 10% drop in metabolic rate. Have you tried upping your calories to help with tht e fatigue and low temp?

Yes, I have recently increased my calorie intake from 1500 to 2400-2800/day. I was one of the idiots who listened to THEM and turned to restricted calorie diets and a lot of cardio to get in shape, but all I got was a skinny-fat body, a dead metabolism, and a major loss in muscle strength.

Luckily, my muscle strength and size are returning, but sadly my metabolism has yet to. Hypothyroidism also runs in my family, so that could be part of the problem- too bad my insurance won’t pay for the doctor’s appointment to get my thyroid checked.