HOT-ROX or Methoxy-7

So I’m trying to find the best supplement to take to increase muscle mass while losing fat. It seems like T-Nation is loaded with different options. I read a bit on HOT-ROX and Methoxy-7 which both seem to claim similar results. Which one is better for what I want or is there another one I should go for?? I’m starting Chad W.'s 10x3 for fat loss just to lose about 5 lbs and gain some muscle before trying to gain siuze again. Please advize! Thankx!

If trying to lose fat HOT-ROX is a great supplement. I think that it wins Biotests “most visible results the soonest” supplement. That is, while Methoxy and Alpha Male are great support for keeping muscle while dieting and I recommend them for that, HOT-ROX works well and for me it worked very fast. Alpha Male/Methoxy take a little more time to show physique results.

That said if you’re like 170 and trying to get to 165 you may just be better adding some muscle. In which case use Carbolin 19. It cannot be combined with HOT-ROX or Spike as Methoxy and Alpha Male can but it seems to give the best combo of muscle/leanness that you might be looking for.
It’s best to have your diet in order for this though as it will increase your appetite. that’s fine as long as you reach for good food.

Thanks for the low down on all those supplements! I think i’ll go for the latter as I am looking to lose about 5lbs while gaining back some lost muscle.