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HOT-ROX Or Methoxy-7 After MAG-10


I have just finished 3 weeks of Quattro Dynamo and the correlating MAG-10 cycle. I went from 240 to 265 in three weeks. Obviously, not all of it was muscle mass and I would like to go on a hardening cycle , ie maintain the gains and cut some fat. Im wondering if HOT-ROX or Methoxy-7 is the way to go, as I am reading conflicting info on the posts.

By the way, I have used MAG-10 to cut with Cheater's Diet, and it worked to maintain my body weight while BFP dropped 4% in 17 days. This was my first time using MAG-10 on a bulk cycle and I was blown away by the results. To all those people who never tried it becuase of lack of clinical studies. . . YOU MISSED OUT!!!!


If I'm not mistaken both are good. Since they work differently, do both of them if you can afford to.


Thanks Vroom.
I did some more reading and ordered the Methoxy-7. Ill post results when I kill the bottle.



the worst thing you can do is go from a bulking cycle with androgens, to a cutting cycle without! I know from experience that this simply does not work--you'll lose all, or nearly all, the gains you made while on the anabolics.

Your body will be in a somewhat lower androgen state than normal due to down-regulation of endogenous testosterone levels. After just three weeks you will not be completely "shut down", but your natural testosterone levels WILL be affected.

You need to solidify those gains before attempting to cut any fat. Dieting at this point is just to much stress on your body.

First, you need to make sure your natural testosterone levels are recovered. Alpha Male or TRIBEX along with an over the counter anti-estrogen will do (better still is if you can get some Arimidex and Clomid--although this might be overkill). For a couple of weeks after your cycle take the TRIBEX or Alpha Male/anti-E while consuming a hypercaloric diet at first. After the first several days on this hypercaloric diet you can start to taper your calories back down to isocaloric.

After a couple of weeks on this PCT (post cycle therapy) your natural testosterone levels should be recovered and your gains solidified. Now you're ready to go on a cutting cycle (with or without androgens).

As far as using HOT-ROX or Methoxy-7 post cycle, both are said to be anti-catabolic. So, as long as you don't try to diet right after coming off your bulking cycle, either should help you maintain your gains untill natural testosterone levels are restored.

Hope that helps,



....what crowbar said!!


Crowbar --

Thanks man. That is exactly the advice I wanted to hear. I got a bottle of Alpha Male and M. . . figured that since I was on a three week cycle, Id go three weeks on that. So, I stay hypocaloric. Would you suggest to maintain the same level of eating, and then taper off by, say, 500 cals a week?
I would guess that by the advertisement description that Methoxy-7 is to be used to minimize fat gain while gaining mass, it would be an optimal time to use it.
Last question (I should know this because I read this site every damned day), but to I stay on a hypertrophy based program while on PCT? Since I am hypocaloric, it seem logical to me. Perhaps OVT or ABBH 2?
Thanks man



You'd probably just wanna turn the volume down a bit but keep intensity high so you keep your gains, but either one of those would be good I think.

Also, just to prevent any confusion, you're going to be HYPERcaloric during and immediately after your cycle, and HYPOcaloric when you're cutting.



just so we don't have a misunderstanding: when you come off your cycle you should CONTINUE to eat HYPERcaloric for several days, slowly tapering back down to maintenance level calories.

Good point about training. Your body will also have a reduced capacity for work at this time (due to lowered androgen levels, as well as higher cortisol levels from heavy training). Therefore, you need to back off a little on volume and intensity.

A asked this same question about training during PCT to Chad Waterbury; he suggested I switch from the whole body training I normally do to "The Next Big Three" program. This is an abreviated 2x/week maintenance program--ideal for PCT when you need to back off a little.



You guys are why I love this site. Thanks guys.



BTW, I meant to type HYPERcaloric. . .but thanks for catching it