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HOT-ROX Or Lipo-6


HOT-ROX or Lipo-6...
What are the differences?
Has anyone used Lip-6 here?

I am a HOT-ROX fan but everything I am reading recently has lipo 6 mentioned somewhere, just wondering what other people are thinking


You do know this is a Biotest website right? I mean understand that everyone is for going what works best but what kind of answers do you think your gonna get?


Before discovering HOT-ROX, i was ingesting lipo-6 daily and let me tell you, its efficiency is NO WHERE as close to HOT-ROX. Also, i really hate lipo-6's effect where your heart will pump so fast its as if its going to explode.

Upon taking lipo-6, i was playing a friendly game of basketball one day and had to pull out 15 min into game because i couldnt take the beating on my heart anymore.

With HOT-ROX, i got a boost in energy and with proper training and nutrition, it burns fat like wonder! its been 5 months since ive been taking HOT-ROX and i've went from 18%bf to 9%bf.


Holy Sh*t, 18% to 9% in five months. That's great. What diet and supplements other than HOT-ROX are you using? Whats your traiing protocal?


I haven't tried HOT-ROX yet, but i did try Lipo.
Followed directions, and took it for several weeks.
Had no discernable effect at all.

This will sound like a shameless ass-smooch, but i think that purchase marked the very last time i tried a non-Biotest product that wasn't whole food.



No don't get me wrong I use HOT-ROX and stand by it completely. But I was just wondering about the rest of the world and how they felt about the other products.


my supplements are simple:

HOT-ROX/protein/multivitamin and plenty of sleep and rest.

as for training, i kept it simple as well:

3 days of HIT and 2 days of circuit training for cardio.