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HOT-ROX or Ephedra?

Just wondering which one to get to add for some fat burning assistance. I’m sorta new to this so if this has been answered if anybody can provide a link I’d appreciate it. So what do you guys prefer? HOT-ROX or Ephedra? Thanks a lot

HOT-ROX and I second that…

It depends.

HOT-ROX “works” for some people and not others. Ephedra “works” for some and not others. It’s just a preference thing. I personally think I lost more weight on ephedra based products, but I didn’t care for the side effects and god knows how much muscle loss.

My vote would be HOT-ROX because it won’t give you the jitters like ephedra, and it protects your muscle mass. Plus if you want ephedra you’d have to come up with your own cocktail using a decongestant containing ephedrine HCL stacked with caffeine to even see results.

None of this really matters if your diet isn’t in-line. Hopefully you’ve done enough reading on this site to know that all the fat burners in the world aren’t going to do much for you if you don’t have a very clean and controlled diet and exercise program.