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Hot-Rox on Cutting Cycle?

Wondering if anyone else has taken Hot-Rox while on a cutting cycle. I’m on week 5 (overtime) of the Velocity Diet and just began Mast P, Test P, Tren A at 500/600/500 respectively per week. Wondering if there will be any added benefit to keeping the Hot-Rox, or if I should avoid altogether. Clen made me smell horrible last time I used it (according to my wife), so I’m staying away from that.

Answered my own question. Came off, as the Yohimbine makes me feel like shit.

How did the velocity diet go? I am still trying to get down to 15% BF, but its a struggle. Can’t run Tren at all.

Velocity is very tough especially if you have any sort of existence outside of the home (thankfully Covid has destroyed mine), but makes a huge difference visually. I’m using it as a jumpstart for a 3 month fat loss run, slowly introducing 1 meal at a time back in. 4 weeks, I was down 11lbs of fat and 4lbs of muscle according to a Eufy digital scale having overeaten 4 times. Worth it, but you have to be prepared mentally.

I started at 6’6", 265 with zero ab visibility, now I’m at top 4 peaking through.

what is “Hot-Rox”?

Just curious. Did you use all of the Biotest supps they recommend? I am going to start this for the same reason. Jumpstart fat loss. I have my own protein powders, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t work with similar calorie counts.