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HOT- ROX On a Regular Basis?


Hey guys,

I've been searching for that easy fix and realize after reading and reading and reading its just about hard work. So instead of a crazy diet, I'm just going to eat lean foods, cut the soda, pointless foods, keep protein high and limit carbs towards night time. Lift hard, do cardio, and see where it takes me.

A thanks goes out to you guys for supplying so much useful information. Thank you.

Anyways onto my question, can I use HOT-ROX on a regular basis. 2 Servings during the day? Just kind of something to subside my hunger when I have appetite in between meals and snacks. I have read some info on it and guys have taken it just to maintain good results and not fall off track. People have gained muscle on it so its not soley a cutting sumplement. So any responses would be very helpful. Thanks.



This is very sensible.

As opposed to just SOME days if you've eaten too much pizza? HOT-ROX IS a long-term supplement, so a 4-week span is probably a minimum for results.

I think I can recall Shugart talking about using it for only a day (or two) after indulging, but keep in mind that he has already put himself into a lean state. If you aren't there yet, you should consider using ir regularly while starting this lean eating phase.

That having been said, it's also been mentioned that it's healthy to take yourself OFF some supplements every 12 weeks, in order to avoid a tolerance for it OR to avoid developing an adverse reaction. Keep that in mind.

Good luck; tell us how it goes.


I think you are asking if long term use is OK??

If so Cy Willson has said about this and really ANY supplement that it is wise to take a break after 12 weeks of use.

They are Supplements and not meant to be a crutch but a tool.

That help??