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HOT-ROX Near a Carb Meal?


Can HOT-ROX be used near or around carb meals? Is it not a good idea like MD6 and because of the caffeine content?


How would caffeine have any impact when taken near carb meals?


The issue with carbs and MD6 was because of the yohimbe being negated by insulin. I wouldn't be too concerned about the caffeine in HOT-ROX negatively impacting insulin resistance. The amount is low, the positives of the supplement would far outweigh any negative impact and really does it even matter if you are in a negative calorie balance?


I believe that Cy had said on one of the HOT-ROX threads that it was best to take before a lipid meal, but that benefit might be small. More important would be following the "empty stomach" direction, which generally means 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal.
Good luck.
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