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Hot Rox & Methoxy

Good combo or not?

Also would tribex and vitex(M) be worthwhile while on hot rox (or hot rox plus methoxy)?

let’s see?

hot rox = fat loss
tribex + M = elevated Test levels

looks like a good thing bud!

Da Boxer

I’m going to add that entire stack to my regime come May.

So, sure. It’s fine.

I’m currently on Hot Rox, Methoxy 7, Tribex and clomid(in lieu of M), and it’s definitely a great stack. I’ve been on for four days and I’m ten pounds lighter and noticeably leaner.

How about adding T2 Pro to the mix. Would that be redundant (or dangerous) while using the Hot Rox?

Shirtbuster…Cy has said repeatedly NOT to take anything extra other than caffeine and/or 5-HTP if desired. That’s the purpose of the Sclaremax and guggulsterones…to do the job of T2Pro but much more efficiently.