Hot-Rox, Indigo or Micro-PA

Well anybody that’s been following along on my log knows that I’m in the midst of a slow recomp. Running 5/2 and keeping calories just high enough on lifting days to see continued size and strength gains while while still slowing cutting down body fat.

I got a promo code from biotest so I figured I’d throw a little something extra into my order this time and am debating between hot rox, indigo or Micro-PA. I’ve seen lots of people giving praise to hot rox for fat burning, but indigo and micro-PA I haven’t seen as much user feedback, but the claims they’re making are substantial enough to pique my interest. Has anybody had any success with either of them? And which one would y’all recommend for my current goals?

I’ve taken, and still take, all of them, except HOT ROX which I save for a contest prep towards the end. You can keep body fat in check with your 5/2 diet. I take Indigo and Micro every training day. I think all of them are powerful supplements. My opinion is that you should take your coupon code and order as many bottles as you can of whichever you ultimately choose, because you probably won’t notice anything super significant from 1 month of a new supplement, but 2-3 months should give you enough to know. I’d recommend Micro-PA. PA supplements have become more popular since Biotest came out with it, and this was a game changer for me (although so was Indigo!) Within a few weeks I started noticing some more significant mass coming on, and the guys I saw in the gym started commenting as well, I didn’t tell them I was trying anything new. Micro-PA really shines with optimal TUT, so be sure to have slower negatives (not super slow but not rushed, provide tension throughout the movement). Micro-PA one hour before training, with or without food. I’ve been taking it for years, it’s become a staple along with Indigo, Flameout and Curcumin.

Thanks Rob! Ive read your prep log and there’s a lot of good shit in there. Props on making it pro! Do you take PA on nonworkout days too like the bottle suggests? Also, my main focus is more so on fat loss than gaining muscle at the moment, I’m just using my weight room numbers as indicators for how well it’s going. Given that, would you still recommend the PA? I’ve been a fatty my whole life so I really wanna know what it’s like to be lean haha

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Glad to help bro! And glad you like the log, thanks a lot man. I feel like sometimes I write too much minutiae no one cares about lol, but hopefully there’s some informative bits in there too.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to pro, got close but placed 2nd by a few points. This year, I’m out for blood!:smiling_imp:

As someone who’s been fat for far more of my life than not, I feel you man! My thoughts are you should go with Micro. Just my opinion based on using these supplements for years, Indigo is really good for a bulking phase where you want to pack in the carbs. If you’re focusing on fat loss, Indigo would still be helpful for nutrient repartitioning, but I think you’d get more out of it in a well thought out caloric surplus. Hot Rox is a great fat burner, but I think you’d get more long term benefits from Micro-PA. Even though you’re not in a “bulking” phase right now, Micro-PA will still work well and help you get some more LBM. And, with more LBM comes a faster metabolism, more strength, easier to maintain leanness and put on size when you’re ready, etc. So even though Hot Rox might give you a slight advantage to fat loss right now, Micro-PA will help pack on more LBM for more permanent and long term success.

I do not take PA on non-training days, better for my wallet over time. But I take it every training day, either 5 or 6 days a week depending on my split. Another note is that while Indigo and Micro are the same price, there are 20 servings of Micro in each bottle. So if you train 5 days, that’s a month per bottle. If you can swing it, I’d recommend 3 bottles, definitely at least 2, so you can take it long enough to see substantial results, also ensuring you’re training in a way to take advantage of the PA. When I started taking PA, it was a few years ago when I really got more into bodybuilding style training and developing a strong MMC.

The 5/2 diet is a good way to fuel your work out sessions and provide good growth and repair, while using the 2 off days to keep insulin sensitivity and excess body fat in check. If you really want to get lean, like defined 6 pack lean, I’d recommend eventually doing a contest style diet and training routine. Not that you have to step on stage or go as all out intense with it as a competitor would, but once you get down there the first time, it is infinitely easier to stay there and put on quality muscle without going overboard. Leanness is ultimately made in the kitchen and with cardio. I highly recommend doing this at some point. As a FFB, life is totally different and awesome when you’re confident in how you feel, look and know you are in total control of your physique.

Be sure to post with any additional questions man!

For recomp i’d go with Indigo

Well it’s saying that I can’t use the promo code biotest sent me because I have to be a level 100 member. Wtf?

Not sure what that’s about, I’d recommend calling Biotest customer service. A person always picks up right away and they’re very helpful.

There’s tons of user feedback and training logs/progress reports for both of those supps over in the Biotest forum. It’d be better if you posted this thread over there.

Like Rob said, that’s weird and it’s something Biotest Customer Service can sort out, by phone (800-525-1940) or email (

I had a successful fat loss phase using Indigo, with decent results in as little as 4-6 weeks. That was, of course, combined with a calorie deficit and moderate carbs. Would take that stuff long term, if I could afford it. Probably most effective single supplement I have ever used (high praise indeed).

Definitely keen to try Micro PA now

Thanks man, I shot em an email. I’m guessing the 20% replaces the regular 15% for being over 199?