Can I get this product in Oz? I don’t think it appears on Biotests local web site.
I suspect there is a problem with importing it - if so how can I get some without traveling to the US?

If you’re lucky can find some on the shelf at some supp. stores but 90% of Biotest’s products were removed from the shelves & HOT-ROX Extreme has ingredients that are prohibited in Australia. 99% of fat burners from the US have their formulas changed for Australia.

Pretty much, you’ll have to try something else.

either us or uk ebay + shipping to Oz?

thanks PF but…

I don’t want to do my dough shipping in an illegal product. ( God damn this Nanny Nation which over protects me - it’s my body I done my research, now I want to put what I want in my body)

What other fat burners can anyone suggest (and are availible in Oz) that are any good.

Any help would be welcomed.