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HOT-ROX Illegal in The NCAA?


Hey, I play D1 football, i was wondering if anyone knew if The Supplement HOT-ROX is illegal in The NCAA?

Ive been looking but can't seem to find any evidence for being illegal. Can anyone help me out?


I'm not sure. I remember telling my brother about Surge and he showed it to his athletic director of the school and he said he was unable to use it because it had glutamine in it. I dont know if his director is an idiot, or the rules are really that strict.

That being said, I'm not sure if it would be legal if something as small as an amino acid is illegal. I would PM Cy Wilson about this since no one really knows.


I'm not sure about HOT-ROX, but NCAA athletes can definitely use Biotest Surge. To claim that shouldn't due to its glutamine content is ridiculous since glutamine is in many foods.


I'm pretty sure he's an idiot.


"Illegal amino acids"? Damn.


Your brother's AD is a dumbass, unless things have changed in the past six months gultamine is not banned by the NCAA, coaches and other training staff are not permitted to distribute glutamine, and I think a few other supplements, to their athletes.


Thats what I thought.

Thats what I told him.

He may have gotten that mixed and told my brother that he couldnt use it and there was a misunderstanding.

Does anyone know where I can get a hold of the NCAA rulebook?


OK...If you go to the NCAA website, you can download all 510 pages of the NCAA rulebook for Div I colleges. I did this and on page 449 of the rulebook (bylaw (no kidding, by the way) there is a list of banned substance. I compare the ingredient list for HOT-ROX and aside from caffiene it looks ok. Now, caffiene in the form of guarana IS banned...but on the back of the bottle it just says caffiene. So...take that as you will.

If he is a ball player and gets tested, I would say leave it alone and preach a solid diet. Chicken breasts and leafy greens AREN'T banned just yet. I say when in doubt, err on the side of caution. You don't want to fuck with your eligibility.


caffeine is a banned substance only in high doses. The acceptable level of metabolites in the urine is very high.





I've been told by some that to trigger positive with the caffine threshold, you pretty much need to inject an assload with a needle. At some required meeting I had to go through, the guy said if you had 15 mountain dews before testing you might have a problem.

Chances are it isnt a problem, but as stated above it is probably better to err on the side of caution. He probably needs to get his diet in order first. Only then should he consider a supp like that. He's also a college student and that stuff is expensive.



Shit, I shouldn't have ate that steak last night...


amino acids are not banned by the NCAA per se. However, bylaw 16.5.2.g (again, not kidding) says that a supplement distributed by a school may not contain more than 30% protein. So of course many meal replacements, weight and muscle gainers are a no no.

Supplements distributed by a university have to fall into four major categories: carb/electrolyte drinks, "energy" bars, carb boosters or vitamins and minerals. Basically they are not allowed to hand out anything that promotes "weight" gain as this is considered a performance enhancer.


if it has synephrine be careful my coach just gave us a memo that said a bunch of kids tested positive for synephrine and fucked their eligibility, if anything i'd say for him to talk to the schools training staff they probably know better than the Ad, the ncaa seriously likes to ban everything.

also as far as glutamine goes the guy either got mixed up or he's an idiot, one o fmy coaches graduated from Purdue last year and he said they used to give athletes stuff w/glutamine all the time. certain things are legal but can't be distributed by schools simply because not all schools can afford to give them to their athletes for free and it could create an uneven playing field.


That has to be the most absurb supplement regulation. On a side note, I can't buy creatine cause I'm under 18 but I paid the local drug dealer $2 to buy it for me so now everyone I know thinks its illegal. Why ban protein supplments but not free food?


Excuse but I gotta add something referring to what foods are distributed by universities. Well maybe not all-

Food poisoning Mari-rot food
Taco Bell
Pizza Hut
Donut shop
All you can eat buffet (with iceberg lettuce salad bar)
Beer Garden (oh wait dis is a good one)

Just to name a few. And they say certain supplements are bad..