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HOT-ROX: How Do You Use It?


How Do You Use Your HOT-ROX ?? (or how do you take your HOT-ROX)


You know, those words on the back of the bottle....yeah, those. I read those.


I break open the capsules and rub the nanodispersion gel into my eyes. Burns like a sonofabitch, but it works for me.

j/k (Did I need to mention that?)

Seriously dude, the directions on the back are the best, most effective way of using the supplement.


Now you're stealing my thunder. This had rip 'em all over it


Do one anyway, you and analog kid can keep trying to out-do each other...


Ok so I dont know if I should get pissed off or take the jokes. The reason I might get pissed off is because my post was reduced to the simple "HOW DO YOU USE". This is not what I posted as my question, it was the intro to a detailed question about HOT-ROX use, but sadly that part never made it along with my post. So I guess for this time I will laugh off the stupid-expected comments of read lable or open the caps up, since the rest of my post was CENSORED!


Now I'm REALLY confused because "HOT-ROX use" isn't detailed. You diet, and hope that the damn pills actually do something to speed the process. I personally don't put my faith into a product like this at the expense of doing what I need to do in the kitchen and the gym. It's a supplement. That means you should be making progress whether you use anything or not. If you aren't, then you are probably too uneducated on the task to be taking anything at all.


Prof X

The questions was in regards to if anyone was using HOT-ROX differently than the lable (like some did with MAG-10 and Biotest's double dose Methoxy-7 testing)

But it will not get posted.


Looks like it just got posted.

Cy and others have commented previously not to exceed the recommended dosages for HOT-ROX, whereas he or others with T-Nation did recommend using higher doses of Methoxy-7 and MAG-10 in some cases.



This was my question idea when I posed it. I had read the suggestions by some T-Nation staff not to use more, but I was looking to see if maybe there were some who did suggest more. If you recall (or if I recall correctly) the double Methoxy-7 dose was first suggested by some as not a good idea, and then later it was run as a test. Basically I was looking to see what the word was about HOT-ROX. Thanks for your input.


It seems that HOT-ROX is a product best taken as directed and there is not a planned double dose testing to be done as has been done with other products.

Be Safe



Sorry I didn't respond to this earlier, but I was having some problems yesterday with someone logging in as me and making immature statements.

To answer your question, no, I would not recommend ever going above the recommended dosage with HOT-ROX.

You're absolutely correct about the Methoxy-7, in that I had tried a higher dosage and others had done so as well.

However, as basic principle in toxicology goes (and as should be ingrained in any toxicology course), the dose makes the poison. While I personally wouldn't hesitate to consume an entire bottle of Methoxy-7 (don't do this) as I wouldn't expect more than GI upset, greatly exceeding the recommended dosage with something like HOT-ROX, in some individuals could cause some serious adverse effects. Similarly, the moment we begin to advocate going even one capsule above the recommended dosage, some will see this to mean that one could continue going even higher.

Hope that helps.


If you're looking to increase the dosage to get a kick, then don't bother. No matter how many you take, you just can't get that shaky, red-eyed, belligerent energy that we all love so much.

But...good ol' Vitamin E is back.


Speak for yourself, I can't stand the crackhead feeling that ephedra gives.

HOT-ROX gives me a nice, clean "rush," which I'll take over ephedra any day. Plus, it helps me get lean much faster than the old EC stack.