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Hot Rox = Hormonal?

I compete in a drug free powerlifting organization and I was wondering if the ingredients in Hot Rox are hormonal agents and if they would cause one to fail a drug test. And even if they wouldn’t cause a drug test failure would it still be unethical to use in a drug free organization?

A7-E could be called “hormonal,” working like DHEA except for not being androgenic and being considerably more potent.

As to the ethics, I personally feel if HOT-ROX were not in the system at the time of competition there would be no problem. If it were present in the system, the stimulant effect could positively affect performance giving a (probably small) unfair advantage.

Thank you for the answer. I have decided not to use it because I feel that the ethical line may be a bit blurry in this case. If I ever go back to bodybuilding I may give it a try.