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HOT-ROX Helps With Allergies?


Well, I've been taking HRX for about two weeks now and, while I have yet to notice any huge differences in body comp, this stuff absolutely is the best decongestant I have EVER had...

I have all the usual allergy complaints, dust, pollen, etc. so every now and then when all the trees are out having sex and my grey car turns yellow, my head feels like a swelling balloon. Everything is effected, my mood, sleep patterns, etc. When after popping my first HOT-ROX my entire head clears within 15 mins, I get psyched!

I've taken claritin now and then, but the stuff usually loses its effectiveness after about a week of continual use. As an experiment, I had my girlfriend try it out (she is a chronic allergy sufferer; most of the common OTC and prescription stuff just doesnt work well on her either). It had the same effect on her as it did me.

has anyone else noticed this? I wonder what exactly is causing this reaction, is the caffeine significant enough to act as a decongestant? (I drink maybe 2 cups of green tea a day, but even espresso doesn't have this effect) Could elevated T3 levels play a role in allergy relief?



It's an interesting observation for certain.

As far as possible causes, I would likely lean towards either the Carbolin 19 or the yohimbine. Yohimbine has shown weak activity at alpha 1-adrenergic receptors, however, if I remember correctly, it was an antagonistic effect which wouldn't be as likely to help with congestion.

Hope that helps.


I'm the one with the chronic congestion, and I verify what Trogdor said. It really works!

to Claritin and Allegra:

You're both on notice. HOT-ROX is cheaper than both of you, and kicks your butts. Plus, it tastes like raspberry. It even makes urine smell like raspberry. I wouldn't know what urine smelled like when I took you guys, since my head was still too congested to smell anything. Consider yourselves replaced.


I tried Carbolin 19 stand alone a few months ago and didn't notice anything nearly similar.. so I guess that can't be the cause.


i 100% agree. over the last 5 years, ive had de-sensitisation injections, surgery * every over the counter decongestant there is. i used to live on that shit. id spend all everyday, especiallu during cardio workouts, redding out, greying out & blacking out, id leave every boxing & bjj trying not to throw up. Only when i take fat burners do my symptoms practically disappear.


Interesting. I have bad allergies too, but I haven't found the HRX to have much impact (though I suppose they might have been worse w/o it), but I don't need to go with an anti-histamine plus decongestant except during really bad seasons (that would be spring, here in DC). Definitely wish that were a side effect for me as my allergies are annoying enough that I'm seriously considering giving the shots another chance.