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HOT-ROX - Have Some Questions

just wanted to know if HOT-ROX is that good. looking for a fatloss stack any help with this would be nice thx guys

For some people it works great. If you react well to it the real benefit I’ve seen is that it helps to curb appetite, and it acts as a pretty serious stimulant.

However, some people react poorly to Yohimbine (myself included), which can leave you feeling pretty raw. I would definitely recommend giving it a shot, because if you react well to it you probably won’t find a better fatloss aid than HOT-ROX. But if it’s your first time taking it, stick to one pill and see how you feel.

Thx for the help. I will give it a shot and see how it works

I can’t tell that it’s doing anything when I’m on it, but I get the feeling it is, because when I get off of it, my energy level is down for about a week…