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HOT-ROX Half Dosage


How effective is HOT-ROX at a 1/2 dosage? I just started my first bottle, and I'm 170. I'm taking 1 capsule in the morning at about 6AM and another an hour after lunch.

I don't want to lose any weight (I'm only 170), but I'm trying to change my body composition from 12% to ~7-8%. I would rather do this over a couple of months, but am I still getting the benefits only taking half the dosage?

I know a lot of guys are gonna say I should be bulking more first, but I like being a welterweight. I've been 190 and hated it...


about half as strong...

Hey, Stick to your goals man, I'm at 207 right now and looking to hit around 180-175 in a few months with HOT-ROX. Good luck on the transformation.


Well, it seemed to have kicked in, today is day 6 and I'm feeling a bit warm.


I've been taking HOT-ROX for four days now. I'm up to two capsules twice a day now. I've been feeling warm since the first day, and I've lost 3 pounds. This is the best fat loss product I've ever tried.