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HOT-ROX for Women


I'm a college women's softball coach and during this off season, have my catcher on a modified Velocity Diet. She's drinking the low carb protein shakes with flax, 4 gms of fish oil/day, a multi-vitamin and Fahrenheit. I opted for the Fahrenheit over HRX just because I wasn't sure how safe it was for a girl her age. She's 19, in good shape, just has some weight to lose around her legs/butt. She doesn't have a lot of mobility in her hamstrings because of the extra weight, and we're trying to fix that.

She's one of the most dedicated athletes I know and currently loves the diet. She trains hard.

My question is, would HOT-ROX Extreme be too much for her, given her age? She claims that she's "immune" to Fahrenheit and can't feel any effects from it. I want to keep this as safe as possible for her.

Any encouraging words would be appreciated as well, as she'll be reading this post.



I say it would be great for her an dedicated athlete with diet etc in line. Just start at the minimal dose and go form there bump ONLY if needed



Thanks. I started on HOT-ROX a few weeks ago and may just have her try it out. She also plays soccer, which is in-season right now, so I was concerned about her energy levels on low carbs. I'm doing the diet as well, 1/2 for me, 1/2 to support her.

By the way, when I said 'modified' V-diet, I have her eat a small meal for lunch, usually a salad with tuna or chicken and a bowl of fresh broccolli.

And when I say she's dedicated...she texts me all hours of the night to ask questions like 'Is it ok to use orange juice instead of milk for my shake?' And I thought I was going to be the one inspiring her.


Is she using milk for her V-Diet shakes? Thats a huuugeee no-no if she is.


I couldn't imagine trying to put an athlete on a diet during her season, especially something like the V-Diet. I hope that you monitor her closely and make sure she's still getting enough food and calories to get through her practices and games.

This is not the time for her to be dieting. I'd save that for the off-season, and even then, I would be hesitant to use something as extreme as the V-Diet.


She's been using skim milk watered down...about 3-1. She said she can't just use water cause it makes her sick. What are other options besides milk? Is watered down OJ alright?



Has she tried mixing her Metabolic Drive with water and ice in a blender? She could even try half water and half skim milk with ice in the blender and it's like drinking a milk shake.

Also, I like to use vanilla Metabolic Drive and then I add a drop of a flavored extract to make it any flavor I want.......raspberry, caramel, orange, root beer, peppermint, chocolate, Danish pastry, almond, etc........or you can mix two flavors and have chocolate-mint, Almond Joy (almond, coconut, chocolate), butter-rum, etc. http://www.sneakykitchen.com/watkins/watkins_products/extracts.htm

If she's trying to lose weight, I wouldn't recommend her mixing it with orange juice.


If you want to avoid the milk sugars, try watering down heavy cream and using that in the shake.


I guess if she is using a negligible amount of milk, and she makes up the calorie difference by using a tad less Metabolic Drive its okay, but it aint the V-Diet like it was intended.


I'll get her off the milk. I didn't want to go too hardcore with this diet right off the bat. I had concerns for her health, especially since she's so active. I was trying to ease her into it, but I think she's doing fine.

Thanks for the input.


The thought of OJ and protein powder makes me want to vomit.

Also aren't you treading on dangerous ground here making severe dietary and supplement recommendations to one of your athletes? Is this a common thing?


Like I said, I'm trying to keep this as healthy as possible for her. She's eating a healthy lunch and is feeling good so far. She wants to take it to the next level, but I wasn't sure about it. That's why I was asking for advice.

Also, like I said, it's a modified V-Diet. She eats a healthy meal every day. She hasn't lost any energy and feels good. I've been monitoring her very closely.