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HOT-ROX For Teens?

I’m 15, a 3 sport athlete, but despite my generally good eating habits and exercise I still have some unwanted BF. Would it be ok for me to take this or another fat loss supplement. I do realize that exercise and nutrition are the most important though and am very active.


So basically you still have some baby fat to lose? I would give it time to come off naturally and just make sure your diet is on par. You might a little young for HOT-ROX.

[quote]nms33 wrote:
Would it be ok for me to take this or another fat loss supplement.[/quote]

Setting aside the fact that it would go directly against the label recommendation (not for use under the age of 18)…

If you’re sleeping at least eight hours a night, seven nights a week; If you’re lifting weights at least three days a week; If you’re performing at least two “cardio” sessions per week; If you know how many calories you’re eating, seven days a week; If you’re eating at least five times a day, seven days a week; If you have a specific post-workout drink after every intense exercise session; and If you personally prepare at least 50% of your own meals, then I’d have no problem with you considering a fat burning supplement.

Otherwise, ermm…no. There are more essential things to spend your attention (and $40) on.