HOT-ROX 'Feel Good' Effect?

I have a quick question about HRX before I buy it. I’m a law student and I’ve got craploads of work and I want to know how HRX might affect my head, if at all?

I’ve heard conflicting things about the “feel-good” effect of thermogenics. On the one hand I’ve heard it can make you indifferent to your work; on the other hand I’ve heard it can make doing your work fun. Obviously, one result would be highly beneficial, while the other would be extraordinarily dangerous as one bad week can derail my entire semester.



It’s one of those things you’ll have to try for yourself. Excessive stimulation can make it hard to focus. That’s something I’d associate with chugging a redline, not taking HRX even at the max dosage. Odds are you’ll be able to at least handle the minimum dosage.

I’m in law school and I take one or two HRX pills for my 7:30 a.m. income tax class. I’m one of the few students in the class that are alert at that hour. Several of the other students have coffee or some soda to get their caffeine kick.

As far as the “feel-good” effect, for the most while, I feel pretty good in class. Sometimes in the afternoon, I’ll take one or two more HRX pills if I’m feeling slugglish.

The bigger concern for me with HRX and school is that though I got a lot of work done the first month of school, I was feeling the effects of burnout. Some nights, I would only get 4 or 5 hours of sleep, but I was able to do well in my studies thanks to HRX. But it caught up. So I’ll try to get in a 20 minute nap in between classes on days where I didn’t get much sleep the night before.

HRX is great for studying and homework, but it might, in some cases, be too beneficial. It’s a great supplement for energy, but it cannot supplant a good night’s sleep for too long.

Thanks a lot man, that’s exactly the perspective I was looking for.

What school do you go to?

Fed Tax at 7:30 has to suck. I going to take that next semester, and no one seems to like it…

I have used regular and extra strength (whatever they call it) HOT-ROX. I did enjoy the feeling regular rox gave me though I am not completely sold on the fat burning effect.

The extra strength made me jittery, naseaus and kind of nervouse. I think it was the yohimbe, I always catch that supplements side effects.

[quote]GPMicro wrote:
Thanks a lot man, that’s exactly the perspective I was looking for.

What school do you go to?

Fed Tax at 7:30 has to suck. I going to take that next semester, and no one seems to like it…[/quote]

I go to Drake Law school in Des Moines, Iowa. It’s not a top-tier school, but we still managed to get Chief Justice John Roberts to speak yesterday.

I’m thinking that if our school basketball team does well and makes it to the NCAA tournament again, our law school ranking will go up as well.

I don’t mind Fed Tax too much; my professor keeps it interesting. He also throws review sessions where he brings in high-quality pizza. Next semester, I have Business Tax which starts at 7:10 a.m.

Fortunately the prof doesn’t take attendance nor care if we show up a few minutes late. When the winter hits in Iowa, 7 a.m. might be a little difficult.

Going back to supplements and studying, I have found some benefit when I use Power Drive. That’s what I used during finals last year and I was able to stay on focus, for the most part.

Those exams are 4 hour mental marathons. I think I might start using Power Drive more in the afternoon when I’m cycling off of HRX.

Wow, you guys have some early classes. I go to Roger Williams University SoL in Rhode Island. It’s a relatively new school, but we’re climbing. Our faculty is supposedly pretty well-respected in New England and we got Scalia in April. I like it.

I’m new to the thermogenic thing, and law school is just too fragile a situation to risk, so I wanted to make sure I got good advice. Thanks a lot man, I appreciate it.

the original HOT-ROX worked wonders for me and made me feel euphoric but the yohimbine in HOT-ROX Extreme makes me feel really jittery and nervous so i cant take it

HOT-ROX actually acted as a mild sedative when I took it (?). No energy to speak of. I’ve actually taken it right before bed and was able to sleep. Keep in mind though that I have a lot of stimulant “experience”, mostly ECA

I loved the feeling I got with HOT-ROX Extreme. It definitely made me awake alert and oriented much more so that a cup of coffee