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HOT-ROX & Family Thyroid Problems


I purchased a bottle of the regular HOT-ROX from GNC a while back. I've been finishing a bottle of NO2 so I have not been taking the HOT-ROX. I have a history of thyroid problems on my fathers side of the family, my fathers sister and brother both have either have problems with overproduction or underproduction, I'm not sure which. I also believe my grandmother shares similar problems. My question is whether you think it is alright to take HOT-ROX. Thanks.


I believe it was said that Maximum Strength HOT-ROX actually helps in this area.


Well, if depends upon what the problem was exactly.

It would also be important for you to know your current status as well.

That aside, if they were hypothyroid, I would be less inclined to be concerned.


I'd be interested in this topic also - i'm hyperthyroid which is managed (thankfully) by medication - should i just not screw about with anything that may affect it?


In your case, I would not.