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HOT-ROX Extreme

Okay everyone.

Here is something for you to laugh at. I ordered 2 bottles of HOT-ROX Extreme to ontario (along with some other stuff) under global express mail.
Guess what, they were seized under Criminal code #.01.045 and sent back to Biotest. Apparnetly I tried to import a perscription drug. I just have to say fuck you Jackie Wu (the guy who signed the page) and fuck Canada.

Ya… fuck Canada… wait a second, I love my country!!! FUCK YOU!!

It’s not Canadas fault, we’re just a bit behind on scheduling items, I don’t believe HOT-ROX Extreme is illegal, just not scheduled properly yet, so therefore they can’t let stuff in if they dont know what it is.

I got mine without any problem what so ever

I believe it is the Yohimbine, which is illegal in Canada. I used to sell supplements, and every third package that had a Yohimbine ingredient got stopped.

It was the Yohimbine. Meh, They sent it back to Biotest so I should get my money back. I Guess I’ll just buy normal HOT-ROX.