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HOT-ROX Extreme


I wanna try Biotest's new HOT-ROX, but am hesitant. It says people should only take this if you tolerate hardcore stimulants well. I get jittery and feel weird with a lot of caffeine and cant sleep well...would HOT-ROX have a similar effect on me? anyone that his taken this...could you weigh in on this and give your take on how you feel while using it?


Just take one pill a day and see how it works for you. Then, take 2 pills a day after a few days and see how it works out for you. I took 2 pills of the original formula, felt fine, and was enough for me.


I agree. Start low and dont move up if you dont have to. I think to damn many people jump to the high dose. its not always a more is better thing.

Hell consider yourself LUCKY if you can get the awesome effects from one pill a day. Think how long a bottle will last and you have plenty of room and time to up the dose as needed then.

Thats my Take,


I would give it a shot. I am finishing up my first week on HOT-ROX Extreme and I'm loving it. This is the first HOT-ROX product that I've ever used, too. However, I am accustomed to heavy stimulants, as I have always been a very heavy coffee drinker (probably at least 6 cups a day).

I hardly noticed any effect from taking the minimum dose, but stuck with it for a couple days before moving up to the next dose. I can definitely tell a difference between taking 1 pill and 2 pills at a time. The 2 pill dosage has pleasant warming effect throughout my torso, and I feel mentally focused and get a slight mood boost (probably the caffeine). I get no jitters whatsoever, but if I do any kind of physical activity, I noticed that I'm sweating a lot more.

Overall, my first week with HOT-ROX Extreme has been a good experience. I'm taking photos weekly to monitor the effects on my physique as well, which I will share here after a few weeks.

I think you should try HOT-ROX and just ease your way up to the higher dose.


im taking my second week of HOT-ROX Extreme , deffintly better then Maximum Strength HOT-ROX but i dont really get a stimulant effect from it ? , im not really a big coffe drinker either


I don't feel anything except a little warm when on the new HRX. Go for it! Went straight to 4 caps a day. I took 1 in the morning waited about an hour and just decided to take the second one. No ill affects.


I understand you. I barely tolerate caffeine, but I wanted to try this new toy!

I started with one pill before DINNER (or meal#2). Then two pills before dinner. Fine, very few jitters.

I then tooked ONE pill in the morning fifteen minutes before breakfast. Wow. I was stimulated as hell. I dont tolerate stimulants fisrt thing getting up. Or so I thought.

I'm now to FULL does - 4 pills a day - with being a bit wired in the morning. But NO problem sleeping, almost no anger problems (stimulants usually make me irritable), I feel good overall... and amazing FAT LOSS.

I say GO FOR IT. Just build up slowly. BTW I'm typing this FAST ah ah


I'd say definitely start with just 1 pill a day. I have always had an amazing tolerance to stimulants (caffeine, aderall, dexedrine, etc...) and I was surprised how strong the effects were from HRX. The first few days I was actually considering stopping taking them all together as I found myself sweating, edgy, and so overstimulated that I was actually having a hard time concentrating on one thing at a time. After 3 or 4 days my body seemed to get used to it (I also had the brilliant idea to lower my coffee intake (should've thought of that sooner). If you currently drink coffee or any caffinated beverage in the morning, stop when you start taking the HRX. I also found myself drinking a lot more water than usual, so you might want to keep a water bottle (or in my case a gallon jug) with you during the day.

Overall I'd have to say I love it though. In my second week and the fat loss is pretty impressive even though I ate and drank like a pig this weekend.

Good luck,


I just posted this in the HRX product thread:

I took my first two capsules about an hour ago. Let me tell you, this stuff is potent.

I know Tim Patterson always reminds us that you cant always judge a supplement by the 'feel' factor but let me say this: you will feel HOT-ROX Extreme!

I'm warm and full of energy. I'm very tingly too. Wow. Never had a supplement hit me like this, which is why I started with the max dose.

This is powerful, hardcore stuff. Thanks, Biotest! Abs, here I come!

I'll add that you should definitly start with the minimal dose, 1 capsule twice per day. No lie, this is hardcore shit.


What's up fellas.

Thought I would post my opinion of the HOT-ROX Extreme. I ordered my first two bottles on wednesday of this past week, and it got to me yesterday afternoon. I took my first dose of one pill yesterday after work and before lifting. I have a large tolerance to stimulants, but still thought I should give the light dose a try...

First, let me say that I've been a Varstiy athlete at a Divison I University for 3 years now and am no stranger to intense workouts with Huuggee trainers screaming in your face, since we train for power lifting in my sport.

But anyway, in my lift yesterday, I was going back and forth between sets like a goddamn monkey on coke. This was a 3 sets of supersets with 10 reps of each exercise 10 different times while superseting a heavy lift with a lighter one.

And Holy Shit, the other kids in my gym were literally staying the hell out of my way as I was pretty much running from set to set and powering through them.

Now, I'm sure you all know how awesome HOT-ROX Extreme is, but the truely amazing part was when I got home, I usually just make my shake, watch some sportscenter, eat and rest. But this time, I came home, had my shake, and then thanks to my lush girlfriend, continued to have sex for a little under an hour.

That would have never happened before...I usually would just rather pass out for an hour and handle the sex part later; but not on HOT-ROX Extreme.

Needless to say, I'm truely impressed right off the bat. And no more than 3 days ago I was just a skeptical college athlete looking for the extra boost. I have a competition coming up in about 10 weeks, so I'll be posting progress along the way.

Thanks fellas.



With such a solid endorsement how can you not run to the store and grab your 2 right away?!?! J/K

Anyhow, Im curious to hear some comments of anyone that took that old HOT-ROX original and this beast. I miss taking it with the old Alpha Male, I never walked anywhere, I stalked with a purpose and had TOO much energy. IM taking the original alone now and not getting quite the amp. I am getting ready to run out and was going to try the extreme.


I don't find HOT-ROX Extreme to be too stimulating at all. Although I am a heavy coffee/expresso drinker. I take two before bed and it doesn't bother me at all.


I bought the original HOT-ROX when it came out, and never got hot, it was the first Biotest supplement that didn't work as claimed. I always had a good tolerance to ephedra and took that for years without any blood pressure increase, maybe that is why it didn't work.

So, with the new reviews and two versions later, I decided to try HOT-ROX Extreme. This stuff works with just one pill! I've been taking it a few weeks and up to two pills a day.

I know I can't take any stimulants after 3PM or I can't get to sleep at night, and HOT-ROX Extreme is the same...tried one at 6PM and couldn't sleep until after midnight (I get up at 6). Anyway, my faith is renewed with Biotest. The next test is if I actually lose more bodyfat with HOT-ROX Extreme than ephedra.