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HOT-ROX Extreme


Hey everyone,

I was curious about the new HOT-ROX Extreme product that just came out. I used the original HOT-ROX and found that it helped to curb my appetite but not necessarily help me shed unwanted pounds of body fat. None the less, I still liked the product.

I was curious to hear the opinions of people who had used the "older" HOT-ROX product and this new Extreme formula - do you get the jitters now? Is the fat loss really accelerated that much more? etc. Please share whatever feedback you have about the Extreme version so I can make an educated decision if I should give it a try.



Im liking the extreme formula much more than the old formula. I noticed I have much more energy, however I dont feel overly jittery. Great product. The only downside would be the warm sensation I get in my stomach 5 minutes after I take it.


I'm really liking HRX. My abs are slowing becoming visible, and my love handles are slowly disappearing(I've never been able to get rid of them, even at leanest I've ever been). I've actually put on a little muscle too. My weight has gone from 178 - 185 in the two weeks I've been taking it, but my waist has gone down an inch.

HRX doesn't give me the jitters. It is a nice boost of energy, different than Spike though.

I too get the warm feeling from the bioperine. It feels like I ate a really spicy meal. Atleast the burps are raspberry flavored instead of the nasty flavor from the Maximum Strength HOT-ROX.

Its just like Carbolin 19 with regards to appetite suppression for me. If I go more than 4 hours, I am ravaging with hunger.

I have noticed that I have to make sure it's been more than three or four hours since I took HRX before going to the gym, or I get extremely sick to my stomach, and have to stop my workout 15- 20 minutes into it. I had the same problem when I was taking yohimbine HCL before though.


HRX is the first thermogenic without ephedra that gives me a "buzz". I sometimes will break a sweat just sitting at my desk. I have been on it for just over a week and have not taken more than three a day, and I believe that it will deliver it's promises. The regular formula didn't give me an energy rush like HRX and it upset my stomach, while HRX hasn't affected my stomach.

Oh, and it is a great pre workout supp too. The kick really lets you work hard in the gym.

I plan on using it for at least 8 weeks.


I like it better than Spike. To me, this gives way more of a boost than Spike ever has. This shit literally ROX!


Shit, dude. It sounds like chili!


Kinda. The first two days were quite intense.


How sensative are you to CNS stimulants in general?

The reason I ask is EC does not effect me that much and NYC was all good before norephedine was completely banned for BS reasons.

I am still taking Maximum Strength HOT-ROX and I would like to switch to HRX but I do not want to sweat any more than I already do at work.


This is good to know cause I didn't want to give up Spike for HOT-ROX. But since I ordered it, I will, good decision I do have to believe. How long before a work out do you take the HOT-ROX?


I usually take my HRX about 30 min before my workout. Even after waiting that long I'm still sometimes too jittery.


I'm not. I have always been able to take the max does of any other thermogenic without ill effects, but HRX I have had to start with the min. dose first. So be warned, it is powerful.


Give it thirty minutes.


I can not drink a cup of coffee but I can take a full dose of HOT-ROX.

Now you got me wondering if I should stick with regular HOT-ROX...


If a cup of coffee gets you sweaty, HRX is probably not for you. Seriously, it feels a bit like an amphetamine, plenty of energy, warm feeling all over, and appetite suppresion. All that without the nasty feeling when it wears off.


Totally agree, but only the first couple days. I think you actually start to get used to it. I still find myself sweating sitting still occasionally. I like it.


I used to get more of a jittery feeling from an EC stack than what I get with HRX, but the energy with HRX is more of an eye opening, confident boosting feeling.

BTW, watch the following video after taking your HOT-ROX and you're guaranteed to have a good workout! :wink:


I've been taking HRX for about 3 weeks now.

I feel nice and warm with no stimulate effect...But I do have a high tolerance for stimulants.

I do see my abs more clearly and seeing the love handles slowly wither away.

I didn?t care for the original HOT-ROX, but I am really digging the HRX.


The weird part is a cup of coffee makes me jittery while a regular dose of Max Strength HOT-ROX or EC does not do that to me.

It has been a while since I drank coffee so that could be a one off situation.

When and how much do you take your HRX daily?


I have taken both. I got great results on the original in the beginning but that never repeated, unfortunately.

With Extreme, I haven't gotten any jitters or sweats. I felt strong in the gym, great pumps but I gained 5 pounds. I also started taking creatine at the same time which I hadn't taken in years. The weight gain wasn't fat (that I could tell).


I just recieved my shipment today and am excited about taking with my workout tonight. This should rock!