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HOT-ROX Extreme

Can someone that’s used this supplement comment on their results?

I’ve used it three times during the v-diet and once off myself. At first it gave me a little nausea, but cleaning up my diet and a few days fixed that. Makes me sweat A LOT; all the time basically. The energy is really nice from it as well, never felt too jittery but on days I forgot you could really notice the difference on a diet (I personally prefer a brain candy type stimulant now though). Not much else to comment about, but I really think it helped with a few extra pounds during the velocity diet.

I’ve had a friend (female take it as well) and I haven’t heard her comment on it much. The first few days she took it without eating shortly afterwards, very sick (but her diet kinda suck in my eyes) and she also said the energy from it was insane! Almost like she had taken an adderal and washed it down with spike :stuck_out_tongue: Her exercise revolves around running and core work though, so no idea about the fat loss yet.

Stuff is great. One of my favorite stims on the market.

[quote]Bullyson wrote:
Can someone that’s used this supplement comment on their results?[/quote]

It’s very powerful as a stimulant. Be careful of over doing it. Start with 1 pill a day per the label.

I always feel stupidly happy when on HOT-ROX and fat will just melt away.

great fat burner—very strong as well

next time i diet/prep im going to try to use it in only 4 week phases–as opposed to using it non stop for weeks and weeks

If used them in the past and they are by my fav I actually just got two bottles in the mail today.

Love them, but as Corst said start with 1 per serving (twice a day). I used to work with a very lazy 5’4" guy that one day complained of being too tired - gave him 2 of my HOT-ROX in the afternoon and he went off like a rocket :slight_smile: Admittedly, he complained of being tired the next day but that was because he hadn’t been able to sleep all night.