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HOT-ROX Extreme + TRIBEX Gold

When searching through the forums for HOT-ROX Extreme and TRIBEX Gold I found a lot of good information but I didn’t find that many personal experience accounts.

Having recently bought both HOT-ROX Extreme and TRIBEX Gold I thought I would give an account of my experience with them both.

Obviously I am not a scientist and I’m not conducting any placebo controlled double blinded study but hopefully my account of my experience may be of interest to some people.

A little back ground. I was previously 228lbs of wobbly flab and have worked long and hard to get to my current weight of 147lbs. My goal at the moment is to get my body fat % into single digits before I start trying to add muscle. I know I weigh as much as a wet paper bag but everything I have read indicates that as a FFB (former fat boy) I should get as lean as possible before even thinking about trying to bulk up.

The purchase of HOT-ROX Extreme is an effort to get rid of the last bit of flab that is covering my bottom two abs and sitting at the bottom of my back.
I decided to add TRIBEX Gold to the mix because I have read that higher levels of T can improve mood, sexual performance and general feeling of well being. I have a habit of being a glass is half empty kind of guy and being tired often so I thought I would give it a try.

As mentioned I am not a scientist and this is just a personal account but the important details are as follows.

Height 5’9’’
Starting weight (Saturday) 147 lbs.
Starting BF % 12% - this was done on an electrical impedance scale - I know not the most accurate but all I have.
Starting waist measurement 29.7 inch - at the widest point.

Weight training 3 times a week.
Diet would probably be described as good with flaws. I eat low carb high protein but about twice a week I fall off the wagon and tuck into white rice, pasta or bread. I also can’t resist a morning latte (with skimmed milk). I know these are mistakes I am making so please don’t pull me up on them.

The only other supplements I use are fish oil caps and Low-Carb Metabolic Drive.

I intend to weigh in again on Saturday morning, one week after I first started with HOT-ROX Extreme and TRIBEX Gold.
The cycling I am following for TRIBEX Gold is 2 caps am and 2 caps pm Saturday to Wednesday with Thursday and Friday off. I take 2 caps upon waking and 2 more before dinner at about 6.

The HOT-ROX Extreme I am taking 2 caps upon waking and a further 2 caps at lunch time - usually about 12.

So far (5 days in) and observations have been interesting.

TRIBEX Gold. First of all I have yet to experience raging hard ons at inappropriate moments… hopefully they will come :wink: I have nothing as yet to report that I feel can be attributed to the TRIBEX Gold. I don’t feel more aggressive or energised or anything else. If anything I would say that despite still getting angry at things I am quicker to brush it off and ignore it. I don’t know if that is down to the TRIBEX Gold though but thought I would mention it.

HOT-ROX Extreme. On the first day I took just the 2 caps as recommended for first time users. I have to report I didn’t feel anything all day although the raspberry burps were entertaining. The second day I took 2 caps in the morning and 2 at lunch time and while there was no obvious effect I did find myself with a pleasant warm feeling for most of the day.

Going about my business I hardly knew I had taken anything but I really noticed myself getting hot quicker when exercising. Even walking up two flights of stairs managed to get me sweating which wouldn’t normally happen.

Due to meetings yesterday I took the second 2 caps early not more than 4 hours after I took the first 2 caps and that was when I really noticed a difference. I was hot and had a mild case of the shakes. It was not unpleasant though and I could still easily carry on with what I was doing. My concentration was not affected. For a couple of hours I really thought I could “feel” them working.

I have decided not to weigh or measure myself until a week has passed but initial observations in the mirror I would say I can see a definite difference in the amount of fat on my lower abs. It is still there but has certainly shrunk. I am interested to see what the scales and tape measure tell me on Saturday.

One more thing. I don’t know if it is to do with the supps or if it is a mental thing because I want them to work but I have found it 100% easier making the correct diet choices since starting on Saturday.

I’ll up date again when I have anything new to report or my stats on Saturday.

Have a good day.

Lovin’ the details, man. Keep this updated and it should be interesting to follow.

Yeah, watch out for taking the HOT-ROX Extreme doses too close together.

If you don’t think you’d have any sleep problems and you find yourself in another rushed situation, you could always wait an extra hour or so for the second dose. Mid-afternoon isn’t too late. It just becomes an issue for some regarding sleep once the evening rolls around.

Anyway, keep kickin’ ass. The TRIBEX Gold will take a little time for you to really notice the full effects, but you’ll like it (and so will the ladies).

Thanks dude.

Today is the first day off of TRIBEX Gold and ironically last night is the first time I thought I could feel it working. Im sure there was a bit more rigidity.

The HOT-ROX Extreme is continuing nicely. I have managed to keep to the schedule of taking 2 caps 6 hours apart and it is working out well. Although I did quite like the buzz I got when I took them closer together.

Performance wise - I don’t know which supp to attribute it too but things seem easier in the gym. I don’t feel like I can suddenly lift huge weights… it just feels easier performing my usual workout.

Visually I would say there is no difference from what I mentioned in my previous post but I am looking forward to taking measurements on Saturday as I do think there has been progress.

The main thing that has struck me so far is how easy I am finding it to stick to my diet and make good food choices. Prior to starting the supps it wouldn’t take much for me to take the easy option and have some sweets or drink the coke but I have not been doing that. I would say that in itself is worth the price of the tub.

Have a good day.

I feel pretty aggressive today…
Yesterday and today are my days off from TRIBEX - however everything I have read about it indicates it can take time to start working, so maybe it is starting to work?

I quite like it. I feel like I can accomplish anything and I feel energised and up for it.
I’m having a pretty bad day one way and another and I’m not even phased by that.
Measurements tomorrow so that will be interesting.

Have a good day.

Supposedly, it takes up to 4 weeks to notice effects of TRIBEX or Alpha Male.

Personally, I’d get enough for 8 weeks to really assess the utility of the supplement. That way you have your ‘break in’ period of 4 weeks, plus another 4 to see it in action.

Ha - maybe I am just having a bad day after all :slight_smile:

High lights today include losing £300 and getting a letter of prosecution for being caught speeding 78 in a 60.

I guess that would be enough to make me feel aggressive lol.

Anyway I definitely want to give it a fair chance so I will be ordering some more, thanks for the tip.

OP: I like your logs and wish you luck, consider taking Rhodiola Rosea from this site. It will counteract a lot of the stress that taking long term powerful stimulants. It also helps trim down on belly fat.

OK well it is Saturday. One week after starting the supps so that makes it measurement day!

Height 5’9’’ Didn’t think that was going to change :slight_smile:
Weight 145 lbs.
BF % 13% - WTF?
Waist measurement 29.5 inch - at the widest point.

So thats 2lbs down, a % up and .2 of an inch off.

I have to be honest I am a little disappointed as I don’t think the numbers reflect what I am seeing in the mirror.
Having said that 2lbs off in a week is good and I am not too phased by the extra % as we all know how hit and miss the electrical impedance can be.

I am not discouraged in the slightest. It has only been a week after all and as I said what I am seeing in the mirror is more encouraging than the numbers.

Having been a fat bloke I tend to be over critical but even I can see that I look firmer. The edges of my pecs are more defined and less “puffy”, and although there is still no sign of the bottom two abs, the top four are more prominent.

Really it is only the rouge BD % that I am disappointed with but I could change that result if I drank a pint of water.

I’m back on the TRIBEX today and off to the gym in an hour or two.

I still feel positive about the supps and am looking forward to seeing what numbers next Saturday will bring.

Have a good day.

[quote]cpwelch wrote:
I have to be honest I am a little disappointed as I don’t think the numbers reflect what I am seeing in the mirror.
Having said that 2lbs off in a week is good and I am not too phased by the extra % as we all know how hit and miss the electrical impedance can be.[/quote]

A loss of 2-pounds of fat in one week is great.

Why are you even using a bioelectrical impedance scale, however?

You seem to know it’s junk, so don’t let it screw up your mind.

Thanks very much for the encouragement.

I’m using the impedance for the classic reason… it’s all I have :slight_smile:

I figured it is at least a rough indication… although I am relying more on the mirror.

The BF% is the most important figure to me because besides aiming for a full compliment of abs I am trying to establish if the reason my bottom two are hiding is fat or lose skin from being a fat bloke. Don’t get me wrong I am under no illusions and I am not using the lose skin as an excuse for retaining fat but I am pretty lean everywhere else and I reason if I have an 8% BF but still a little pouch then it probably is lose skin.

I have gone from 228lbs of jelly to 145lbs and the skin on my belly is visibly damaged so it is possible it might just be lose skin. Obviously I really hope it isn’t as I didn’t put in all this work to have a 4 pack and a sag :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Update on the supps.

Despite what the figures said on Saturday I maintain I am looking considerably leaner in the mirror and I have no doubt it is because of the HOT-ROX. It is probably a combination of what is in the HOT-ROX coupled with the fact that for some reason they help me stick more rigidly to my diet - either way the HOT-ROX is responsible for both those factors and I am pleased with their effect.

The Jury is still out on the TRIBEX Gold but as people have pointed out that takes time so I won’t be writing it off just yet and hopefully I’ll be able to give some positive feedback on it soon.

Have a good day.

Just a quick up date.

It has been 11 days now and I still feel I can see improvement in the mirror.

Nearly every day I am getting up and finding more lines and shadows on my torso as my muscles become more prominent.
That in itself is a great motivator.

Something strange I have noticed is the little pouch of fat covering my bottom two abs has not only shrunk (which I expected) but has started to get creases in it.
I can’t really explain it in words.
Its almost like the fat is going in little chunks rather than just an over all reduction, leaving little empty pockets in the pouch which then crease.
Not ever having been this lean before I don’t know if that is the way it happens when the last few pounds come off or not. Can anyone shed any light on that?

As always I will be interested to see the numbers on Saturday… I guess that will be the interesting part this week.

I’ll report anything else (like the TRIBEX kicking in) as and when it happens.

Have a good day.

Nice log.

I thought I’d add something here. I’m on week 6 of Alpha Male/Rez-V. This is my last week (running out lol).

I can say that I didn’t really feel anything different on the Alpha Male… But some more boners, and actually improved sexual performance. Once I popped I was ready again almost instantly lol.

As for the gym, I didn’t really notice anything… Well until the end of week 4. I went into the gym like normal but all of a sudden got an urge to “attack” the weights. I’m not sure if it was just anger that day or what, but I’ve had a couple of workouts like that so far.

I’m doing a clean bulk @4000kcals/day with fairly low carbs for a bulk (225g). I don’t think I’ve gained even 1lb of fat. I believe this could be due to the Forsklin, I’m gonna do a bodyfat caliper test in 10 days or so and will find out for sure.

Keep it up.

[quote]Darkane wrote:
Nice log.

I thought I’d add something here. I’m on week 6 of Alpha Male/Rez-V. This is my last week (running out lol).

I can say that I didn’t really feel anything different on the Alpha Male… But some more boners, and actually improved sexual performance. Once I popped I was ready again almost instantly lol.


Thanks for the encouragement!

Well it has been 2 weeks of TRIBEX Gold now and there has not been anything happen that I would say is definitely attributable to it, but as PonceDeLeon pointed out I really need to take it for longer. I have not counted but I think I will need to order some more at the end of next week.

I fell off the wagon last night and had a Chinese take away. We were busy, one thing led to another, hadn’t been food shopping, nothing in the house - all the classic excuses lol.

Next week should be a good week. I have the week off work and will have time to train every day and it is also a lot easier eating well when at home (except for last night obviously).

Onwards and upwards.

Have a good day.

Morning, morning.

Well it is Saturday morning and time for the week 2 measurements.

Height 5’9’’ Didn’t think that was going to change :slight_smile:
Weight 145 lbs.
BF % 12%
Waist measurement 29 inch - at the widest point.

So thats weight remaining the same, a % down and half of an inch off.

In total the is 2lbs off in weight and 3/4’s of an inch off… I take the BF % with a pinch of salt.

I am pleased with that. My weight is not my primary concern, it is my appearance and body fat. Another half inch off this week is very encouraging to me.

Although I only measure the one problem area (widest point around my waist) I can see a general improvement all over.

It is also important to remember that the reason I am doing this is to give others an honest unbiased opinion on whether I think HOT-ROX works.

My diet and training have remained the same throughout the past 2 weeks as they have been the past 6 or 7 weeks and the only variable I introduced was the HOT-ROX and the TRIBEX.

I am happy to say I personally think HOT-ROX does do what it is supposed to and I certainly will be buying more. Jury is still out on the TRIBEX but as discussed above it has only been 2 weeks and I am going to give it a run of 8 weeks before I pass judgement.

This week I have a week off work and will have more time to train and it will be easier for me to eat decent food at the right times so I am even more keen to see what the measurements say next week.

I hope my account is of help to people thinking about buying HOT-ROX.

Have a good day.


just an up date for you with regards to the TRIBEX.

It’s been 4 weeks and I am now really noticing the effects.

The mental effects I have noticed is I am being far more assertive and more likely to stand up for myself… Usually I figure it’s not worth the hassle or don’t want to cause a fuss but the past week I would say I have definitely been standing up for my rights.

I have also found myself checking out chicks at every available opportunity, not something I would usually do!

Physical effects (and I feel kinda dirty typing this) I can go from flaccid to rock hard in the blink of an eye - and the best thing is I can ejaculate, maintain my erection, keep on going and then ejaculate again.

My GF doesn’t know whats hit her.

I can say both HOT-ROX and TRIBEX do exactly what they claim and I am very happy with the results I have seen from both of them.

Have a good day.