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HOT-ROX Extreme Stacks


Sorry if I missed a thread on this (did do some searching). I'm just curious as to when I should eat with relation to when I take HOT-ROX. I understand taking it on an empty stomach, but should I hold off like 30-45 minutes before having a protein shake or should I have it sooner?

Also, when do you think I should work out with respect to when I take the HOT-ROX? I'd like to benefit from the stimulant effects at the gym.

Lastly, I've read that many people stack HOT-ROX and TRIBEX Gold for additional fat burning power. For you guys trying to really get shredded, what kind of stacks are you using?

Colonel Matrix


It's been said you can take HOT-ROX with food. I have to, in order not to feel nauseous. And most things don't bother me, but HOT-ROX on an empty stomach tears me up


I enjoy having it on an empty stomach personally - you can't half feel the stim effect kick in after about 15 mins!

When i have it with food I don't notice a thing... it does make me wonder if food affects the uptake somewhat.


I've been enjoying it so far too. Been taking it on an empty stomach. (Burps of raspberry are quite interesting) Planning on upping it to two capsules in the morning. May do two at night as well depending on the time. Maybe it's just the placebo effect, but I've been feeling real pumped for my workouts after taking HOT-ROX. This is the first stimulant I've ever taken and am a bit unfamiliar with its actual effects on my body. Have noticed a slight increase in heart rate and a bit of a warming sensation.

Thanks for the replies everyone.


I just started stacking it with TRIBEX Gold (and some others). So far so good, but I don't think it's been long enough to notice too much effect.


Taking HOT-ROX on an empty stomach gives me heartburn like you wouldn't believe. The raspberry burps are kind of pleasant, but do nothing to alleviate the burning in my esophagus. I've found that taking it with food...ANY food, even a handful of almonds, makes it much more tolerable.