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HOT-ROX Extreme Reviews?

For those of you who have used this, has anyone noticed a decrease in muscle mass or a loss of strength while using?

no, in fact i feel my muscles are fuller. i did not find this with other versions of HOT-ROX lacking the Carbolin 19, so i think this is what causes it.

HOT-ROX Extreme is much more than just a fat burner, the more you watch you diet, the more it helps you change your body composition. whether you lose fat at a maximum rate depends on diet and exercise mostly as increasing calories (still eating clean though) will allow for muscle gain at the expense of fatloss.

i would not expect HOT-ROX Extreme to cause one’s muscles to shrink, in fact with diet and exercise i would expect all but those on the lowest calories to see slight increases as long as diet and exercise are dialed in.

as for the loss of strength, it is a stimilant, i know people who time their workout for after the second dose and stack Power Drive and caffeine-free Spike for an added strength boost.

what i said may not apply if you are on the v-diet or the get shredded diet. though it will still help minimize potential losses of those qualities.

I added LBM during my 4 week stint on HRX.

I dropped 2lb overall and dropped 3% bf which equates to like 6lbs of fat loss and like 4lbs of LBM gain.

the Stimulant side wasn’t to bad. I thoroughly enjoyed HRX and I might try it out stacking it with ephedrine and Tribulus.

Yeah i’m getting ready for an upcoming PL meet and would like to lean out a little but can’t afford to lose any strenth! I haven’t used anything since an old ephidrene formula, how does the HRX stack up compared to it?

If you keep your protein intake high and hit the weights with the same intensity your won’t loose strength or mass.

I learned this the hard way by doing hella cardio and not eating properly and lost 15lbs in one month but it wasn’t all fat. Now I know better and next time will be a lot smarter with my diet when i do.

I’ve lost some strength as a result of the training and dieting, not from HOT-ROX Extreme.