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HOT-ROX Extreme Question

I have never taken a fat burner in my life and started taking HOT-ROX Extreme last week. At first I noticed more energy and it gave me kind of a good amp’d feeling. However, it has been about 7 days and I am not feeling much anymore.

That being the case I subscribe to the less is more mentality and started with the minimum dosage. I realize that I dont necessarily have to be feeling a ton for this to be working. However, my quesiton is, should I start taking 2 capsules, twice a day or stick with the one I am currently taking?

OR should I scrap this all together and go with a EC stack?

If you liked the feeling of increased energy, I would say yes, definitely increase to the full dose.


I am most interested in the results from a fat burning perpective. Other than that I dont really care. I just noticed the change in the feeling of the dosage and wanted to knwo if that meant to be effective for fat burning I should be taking two.

If you think I am getting just as much of a fat burning effect then I will stick with one, otherwise I can kick it up to two.


[quote]SacM5 wrote:

If you think I am getting just as much of a fat burning effect then I will stick with one, otherwise I can kick it up to two.


Getting effect yes with the lower dose, that doesnt mean you wont get more at the higher dose. That said I stick mainly 1 a single pill twice a day and see results


With a decent diet plan in place and realizing that everyone differs, what kind of gains have you noticed with the HRE? Are you noticing things every week or what has been your experience?

I have been taking it for a week and I think I notice a small difference. I am 6’2 225 and about +/- 13-15% bf. Wouldn?t mind getting it into the 8-10% range.

This is the first time I have ever cut in my life. When I was in a freshman in college I was 6’2" 135. I played baseball and we had to run a shitload which combined with my metabolism didn?t allow for much weight gain.

Luckily I hurt my elbow couldn?t play ball anymore and got taken in by the right people who punished me with the weights and made me eat and eat and eat and then eat some more. I never got fat but I am now 30 and wouldn?t mind leaning out a bit.

However, I am the opposite of most people. Most want to lean out because they are heavy. I am freaked out to get skinny again. We all want to avoid going back to wherever we started. Mentally I would rather see myself overweight than skinny.

Anyway, more than you probably care to know, but that is where I am at with the cutting idea. I also mixed in cardio on my off days for 30 minutes each day. I can see my abs but they are not as defined as they used to be. The leanest I ever got was when I played Rugby (post-baseball). At that point in college I weight about 200 and we were running a ton of sprints (sprint-jog-sprint-jog), which seemed to work the best of anything I have ever done, even though I wasn?t trying to lean out. I realize I didn?t get smooth overnight so I won?t lean out over night either. I am more concerned with muscle preservation so I could really care less if it takes a while as long as I keep a majority of my size now.

Any tips?