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Do any of you guys know how many weeks you would normally stay on HOT-ROX? Or can you stay on it constantly? I am also stacking it with TRIBEX Gold. So far results have been good. Been on it for about 2 weeks. Also would you recommend taking Rez-V on top of these two? Much appreciated.


Label should tell you specifically it’s a powerful theromgenic so it should be cycled maybe a bottle on a couple of weeks off and so on… I’ve taken an entire bottle straight with no problem :slight_smile:


The label on my bottle states to use continuously for at least one month for best results.

I usually use it for 6 to 8 weeks at a time before taking a break.


Thanks for the input guys. Ill probably do a bottle on and a few weeks off.


I finished my first bottle of HOT-ROX just about a month ago.

I’m going to start another bottle as soon as I can afford some.


i wouldnt take it longer then 12 weeks.


I’ve been taking it regularly for the last couple of years (2 pills in morning before workout), no negative effects that I can tell.


Is there anyway to tell if it’s working? I can’t feel it, I’m not hot, no jitters, not wired…

…given that I’m never in the same place I was (i.e. that last bit of body fat is much harder to loose than when I was 60 pounds overweight) I’m having a very hard time figuring out if it’s doing anything at all for me… I know when my girlfriend was on it, she was hot and wired all the time, and could only stand to do it for a couple weeks at a time.


It is much easier to tell when having kept diet and exercise pretty closely the same for an extended time – say at least a couple of months – and knowing pretty well what the results were (for example, either simply maintaining or having a slow loss such as 1 or 2 lb per month), then adding HRX and seeing a clear difference.

As you suggest, when conditions have changed considerably, which is the case when having lost a considerable amount of fat, then one doesn’t know what would be the case if things were different, for example if the supplement were not used.

The way you could tell would be by dropping it for a couple of months while keeping everything else basically the same. Or you might be sure earlier than that.


I would not normally stack Rez-V with HRX, but if you normally take Rez-V, and you are suddenly beginning to cut and have decided to use HRX to aid your cutting, I see no reason to stop using Rez-V.