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HOT-ROX Extreme/Promax/Norateen2


i am restarting training tomorrow after injury and i was wondering if the stacking:
Maximuslce Promax (Protein Shake)
La Muslce Norateen II
Biotest HOT-ROX Extreme

is safe and will work?

also do HOT-ROX work? i havnt bought them yet and am wondering… my stats and pics can be found here… http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1888991



In the other thread it seemed like you didn’t have your diet in order. If you eat like shit HOT-ROX will do NOTHING for you.

im working on that… and aim to radically improve my diet. going for 5 high protein yet clean meals a day.

i suppose i should reword my question… if used correctly would comeone with my size benefit from using it?

and will it work safley alongside the other supplements?