HOT-ROX Extreme or Carbolin 19

Hey guys.
Quick Stats: 195 lb | 20y/o male | 18-20% BF
Bench: 185 x6
Deads: 245 x 6
Milit Press: 145 x 6
Rows: 155 x 6

My goal is to lose as much body fat as possible while maintaing muscle mass(hopefully all of it)

I used to be a chubby guy, then a skinny fat guy, then a big guy, but still fat. Now with spring break a month away, with my girlfriend and lots of friends, im ready for the beach. Body fat is concentrated around the gut due to past history of binge eating.

Im doing a cycle of HOT-ROX Extreme now, about a week in, full bottle, 2pills twice daily . I also have an unopened bottle of Carbolin 19, … can i use this at the same time? seems so, since the HOT-ROX containts Carbolin 19 , but the main question is, is it worth it? or should i continue with the HOT-ROX and get to the Carbolin 19 after spring break…
So its about the effectiveness and the urgency, dont know if this question is even clear, but thanks.

Diet is 5-6 meals a day concentrating on protien fats and fibrous carbs (fruits veggies beans) .
WO - 3 full body days of super sets, 3 morning cardio.

Thanks again.

question has been dealt with numerous times. It actually used to be one of my questions a long time ago…the answer is a flat out NO. You cannot use them together. HOT-ROX Extreme has a high enough dosage in itself.

You can take too much Carbolin 19 and it will have adverse affects. I have even spoken to Biotest over the phone about it.

Remember you need to take HOT-ROX for about a month to start seeing the effects of it…and believe me it does work, especially if yo are watching your diet and training right. Thanks to HOT-ROX I finally could sport some nice abs =)

If you are looking for something else to take with HOT-ROX Extreme i would recommend TRIBEX gold or TRIBEX blue (not offered on this site but can get at vitamin shop.) Both have test. boosters that will promote muscle …but if you just want to maintain muscle Carbolin 19 work as a muscle maintainer as well as fat burner…go HOT-ROX!!! hope this helped some… happy fat burning :wink: