HOT-ROX Extreme + L-Carnitine

Hey guys, I got some HRX and was wondering about stacking it with L-Carnitine to enhance it even further.

I have my last competition in my current weightclass in 3 weeks (after this im moving up) and was hoping that this combination, along with a strict diet could help me lose the weight a little easier and keep most if not all my strength. I have about 6 lbs to lose in the 3 weeks (although the last 2-3 lbs can easily be dropped via dehydration/laxatives if need be).

My question is basicly when I should take the carnitine? with the HOT-ROX? or at different times?

Also, I dont believe there is anything in the HOT-ROX that is banned or controled by WADA, but i just want to double check.

Thanks for your help guys!