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HOT-ROX Extreme in UK


I'm intrested in getting some of this stuff, but: has anyone tried ordering it to the uk? will customs be a problem? Otherwise, if anyone wants to put an order in and split the shipping, i'd be very interested!


ps: i'm based in oxford.


I've had Maximum Strength HOT-ROX and just recieved the new Alpha Male from T-Nation. no problem with customs just expect a bill for the VAT.


My main concern is the addition of the yohimbine which i think might cause a problem?


I had HOT-ROX Extreme delivered to me in the UK from this site with no problems. It only took a few days too!


All UK imports come through a main office in London, and I mean ALL.

Its luck if you end up with somethig that might be on a restricted substance list. Yohimbe is, but maybe not in combination. I had Melatonin delivered in the past no probs, then taken by the inspectors in the sorting office and a letter issued to me.

If an item is impounded and you plead that you were ignorant of the law you would probably be ok. Try it a second time and they will arrest you.