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HOT-ROX Extreme For Energy?


Will HOT-ROX Extreme give you more energy in the gym?

Thanks in advance.


Of course it will...you could find this information all over this site instead of posting a topic on it just to let you know


Doesnt give me extra energy in the gym. I go first thing in the morning and take them about 1/2 an hour before. They just kinda make me feel sick.


You might have a very sensitive tolerance to products like this. Try eating something or having a protein shake first and then taking them. It may alleviate that sick feeling you are having. Also, be aware that any other stimulant like a cup of coffee taken around the same time can also cause a queasy feeling.



I agree with Dedicated. It's likely a combination of stimulant intolerance and doing too much, too early with no food. Try to have something light before you take the HRX; yogurt, a shake, whatever's easiest. Also, did you start with just one pill, to check your tolerance? I've seen people buy their first bottle, jump right to two pills twice a day, and then ask why they don't feel so good. Especially with fat burners, the max dose isn't always the best bet.

To the original question, I don't exactly feel more energy with HRX, but that's okay because I'm not supposed to. It's a fat burner, and I know that when I use it, it does makes my fat loss program more effective, most especially in killing my appetite. Most clients say the same thing. Appetite - gone.

If I want or need an energy boost, I go for Spike or a Spike Shooter.


Yea i usually eat a little bit after i take them b/c it says to take them on an empty stomach. I dont drink coffee too ofter, I used to drink Spike but stoped when i started taking the HOT-ROX. I think after this bottle I'm going to stop with the HOT-ROX continue with the Alpha Male and invest in another Biotest product.


Yea I took the HOT-ROX for 2 months in the beginning of this year so when I got this bottle I started using the regular serving of 2 capsules twice a day.


I get that "queasy" feeling when taking 3-4 HRX tabs a day - it is great though because it completely knocks the apetite out of me; I don't feel "sick" though, it feels like HRX is just doing it's job.

As for the energy, lately I been getting a 1 Spike equivalent buzz from a 2 pill serving of HRX.


I get an energy burst from HRX, but have noticed even more of an effect from Spike. If your goal is more energy rather than appetite suppression/fat loss, I would go with Spike instead.


When I first took them they jacked the hell out of my energy levels. Over time, however, I became more and more resistant to stimulants of all kinds.


Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take one or two capsules two times per day, each time on an empty stomach with 8 oz of water, allowing at least six hours between doses. If you haven't used this supplement previously, begin by taking one capsule two times per day for the first day. Afterward, increase dose to tolerance. Do not exceed four capsules in any 24-hour period. FOR BEST RESULTS, USE CONTINUOUSLY FOR A MINIMUM OF ONE MONTH.


1 cap used to give me palpitations actually, I've slowly upped it to 4/day but its taken months. Its definitely a potent energy supplement.


For some reason I am especially sensitive to yohimbine. Caffeine and ephedra/ephedrine I tolerate really well, but when Biotest put yohimbine in Spike and HRX, I started to sweat and feel tingly, and feel slightly nauseous. I thought it was because I was not used to yohimbine, which I wasn't, but every time since then, I still get almost overstimulated by both of those products. I can't take them before I workout, because I overheat too quickly and really feel sick. I like to take them at work when I need to be alert and awake and not doing anything strenuous.


I prefer HRX for energy to Spike. Iv taken Spike then fallen asleep before.


I never noticed it with HRX, but I have to be careful when I take Spike otherwise I'll be up all night. A couple days ago I took it at 5 o'clock and didn't come down from it until 1 in the morning. Stimulants can be pretty potent. I don't know how some of you guys take multiple Spike tablets in a day?


Okay, I took 2 capsules of HRX on the first day. I experienced the warm sensation in my stomach, rasberry burps and my head felt a bit funny.

It's the second day(took full dosage today) and I feel warm, with a light sweat. I got a feeling i'm going to sweat a lot at rubgy training this coming sunday lol.

Oh yeah, didn't notice an increase of energy.

Warm regards lol.