HOT-ROX Extreme For Beginner?

I’ve been following Precision Nutrition and love it. I’m always looking for that extra edge. If losing a bunch of fat from this supplement will help me get muscle gains and keep the fat off in the future, I don’t see much sense in waiting. For example, many report that after losing a ton of fat with the Velocity Diet and gaining some back, their bodyfat is still much lower and it’s easy to maintain that lower percentage when the diet’s finished.

However, I’ve read that T-boosters can hinder your body from gaining if you’re new to weight lifting, and while I’m pretty sure it’s not a T-booster, I think I read it has compounds from Carbolin 19 in it which I think I shouldn’t be using now. I’m 23 years old so I’ve got lots of T roaming around.

Could someone tell me if it’s OK for a beginner to use HOT-ROX or HOT-ROX Extreme and whether or not it will actually help or hinder my future efforts (I’m in this for the long run ultimately but like to speed things up when possible if there aren’t any drawbacks).


p.s. I’ve only been lifting 6 months but am on my 3rd cycle of phase 4 from CW’s HFT system and getting nice consistent gains due to this and PN. Current supplements are Power Drive, Surge, creatine, Flameout, chlorella, amino acids, and a multi-vitamin.

I personally don’t think Carbolin 19 is a T-booster. Yohimbine has been known for being a T-booster of sorts, but all it really does is increase overall blood flow. The raspberry extract in the compound shouldn’t affect T-Levels either.

Bottomline- HOT-ROX Extreme shouldn’t create any present or future restrictions on your goals. Do keep in mind that it is always tough to cut fat and gain muscle at the same time. It’s best to focus your efforts on one at a time.