HOT-ROX Extreme and Bulking

Hi everybody

I’ve got a question about HRX and bulking but I should lay out the basics first.

I’ve been eating in a sort of calorie-cycling manner…eating real big on days that I train and then str ictly on non-training days. This to amounts to bulking about half the week and cutting the pother half.

I do this because I gain fat very easily and I can’t really go into a full-fledged bulk. It has been very effective and I’ve gained a surprising amount of muscle and strength while putting no fat on.

Now, however, I’m going to kick the fat loss aspect of my training/diet up a notch in an attempt to lose some for summer. I still plan on training hard an eating big about 3 days a week.

I am taking HOT-ROX Extreme and I was wondering if I should take it all the way through or if I should avoid it on bulking days. Would it be possible to gain even if I took HRX that day? I’ve been thinking about it and maybe I’ll only take 1 cap twice on bulking days instead of 2 caps twice a day like I do on cutting days.

I’d appreciate any input…

A7-E and Carbolin 19 both in HOT-ROX Extreme increase protein synthesis and are anabolic. When in a calorie restricted state they will help you maintain muscle while dropping fat.

My understanding is while creating a caloric excess for a bulking goal, being anabolic, it would in this case help to increase muscle and keep fat gain to a minimum. If one were following more of a clean bulk. If one were doing a free for all bulk in terms of excess cals fat gain would be high no matter what.


We can’t use the “A” word for A7-E and can’t say that it promotes muscle gain – and in fact it has zero activity at the androgen receptor and is not an androgen at all but rather is non-androgen metabolite of DHEA – but in fact in our studies where DEXA was used to measure body composition changes, A7-E improved LBM.

It will also enable eating a little more without getting fat. So yes it’s helpful in bulking stages as well, but not so much so as it’s beneficial in cutting. Not drastic but a nice little edge to have.

I have a low thyroid and instead of opting for thyriod drugs have been using HRX during my bulk and it has raised my thyroid (yes i took blood test) closer to normal and has kept me in better condition fat wise while bulking no 10% but better


Thanks or the input, I will definitely take the HRX even while trying to gain muscle.