HOT-ROX Expiration Date

Hey everyone,

I have an old bottle of HOT-ROX that I purchased two years ago (2005). I opened the bottle then and never took any of the capsules; mostly because I decided to bulk rather than try to lose fat.

Fast forward two years and I’m ready to cut some weight. The bottle says that it expires next month and has been sitting under my couch this whole time.

Should I take these or toss them?



I’d go ahead and take them since they aren’t expired yet. Chances are, you’ll be through the bottle before they expire anyway.

Hey thanks for the reply.

I started taking them this morning and I’m still alive; I guess they are good to go.

The only reason I was hesitant is because I’ve never really taken anything in the form of pills before so I don’t really know what to think when something says that it is about to expire.

thanks again,