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Hot Rox & Ephedrine

I’ve seen it written a few times before that Hot Rox and Ephedrine shouldn’t be mixed; could someone tell me why – specifically? Or point me to an article explaining why? I would like to mix the two, but I won’t if there’s legitimate research saying that the interaction of the two would be detrimental. Has anyone tried it themselves? Thanks for everyone’s help.

You’re the reason supplements get banned.

There is simply no need to use anything else while using Hot Rox.

Use the search, this has been covered MANY times by Cy Wilson.

I have read a number of statements explaining tha Hot rox just works so well that you do not need to take anything with it, but then again, I have heard of people taking yohimbe with it, obviously mag10, and other supplements, so why not ephedra? Seriously, I know ephedra may be dangerous, and I do not take it anymore, as I ended up with a nasty addiction to it, but it is hard for me to understand why it would not increase the fat burning effects of hot rox and further decrease appetite. In fact, I prefer hotrox to ephedra b/c it seems safer, but I experienced the most radical fat loss of my life by taking huge quantities of ephedra, and I would recommend the same to others, who are willing to take the risk imposed by ephedra, and to gradually increase their dosage.

davo, how do you figure? I’m actually researching the safety of such a venture. Those that get supplements banned are those that take various supps. at high dosages w/o researching how they may affect the body when combined (i.e. the opposite of myself).

Adamski, although I find Cy to be well-informed and seemingly trustworthy, I want actual research showing me that mixing Hot Rox and ephedrine is unhealthy (not someone who own interests are tied to the company selling Hot Rox – Cy, please don’t be offended).

When the company says not to do something and people ignore this and do it anyway, then get damaged by it, that’s stupid and it leads to supplements getting banned. Try not to fuck it up for the rest of us, okay? And don’t let mommy sue the company when you suffer the consequences of ignoring the warning labels.

PS: Darwin lives.

I asked the same question before and cy has already answered that.pull up a search on hot rox and you find the answer.look at it like this you can drink and drive but it doesnt mean that you will live!if you want to risk having a heart attack try it!

davo: “And don’t let mommy sue the company when you suffer the consequences of ignoring the warning labels.”

Why would I let “mommy” do anything for me? My handle may be “The Kid”, but I’m 26 yrs. old. And if I want to sue a company I’d do it myself in a little over a year (I’m currently finishing my 2nd year of law school at U. of Michigan). But I wouldn’t, it’s not in my character to blame others when I faulter.

Hey, Kidd. The Hot Rox + Ephedrine/Ephedra issue was dealt with in one of the Reader Mails.

"…we’re getting a lot of questions about what, if anything, can be stacked with Hot-Rox. Many are also wondering if they can add ephedra and other ingredients to it. Cy Willson and Bill Roberts have been fielding many questions like this on the T-mag forum. Here’s what Cy had to say:

"This is in response to those asking about various ‘stacks’ regarding Hot-Rox. I don’t suggest using ephedrine or yohimbine with Hot-Rox. For one, we designed it to be effective without having to use other compounds concurrently. Aside from that, it would have defeated the purpose of making the product if we felt people would have to start adding things like ephedrine and yohimbine to it.

"Both of the aforementioned compounds work at the (beta 2 and alpha 2 respectively) adrenergic receptor leading to an increase in adenylate cyclase activity (ephedrine) or by preventing the inhibition of adenylate cyclase activity (yohimbine). But, with Hot-Rox, we’re directly activating adenylate cyclase activity via our post adrenoreceptor agent Sclaremax, leading to an increase in cAMP as well as preventing its degradation with other compounds. This is why we’re able to achieve such great efficacy while also keeping safety in mind.

"When you start adding in yohimbine to Sclaremax, which also has a vasodilatory effect, you can then potentially run into some adverse side effects. Along those same lines, adding in ephedrine can further potentiate significant alterations in blood pressure and heart rate. Again though, there’s really no need to use those compounds since we’re accomplishing the same things they accomplish; only we’re bypassing that first step.

"Not only is that beneficial in terms of keeping heart rate and blood pressure in line, but you don’t have to worry about down-regulation of beta adrenergic receptors as you do with things like ephedrine, clenbuterol, albuterol, etc., nor up-regulation of alpha 2 adrenergic receptors.

“T2 isn’t something I suggest using with Hot-Rox simply because it does cause some TSH suppression and one of the purposes of Hot-Rox is to increase thyroid activity while not causing any TSH suppression. T2-PRO may be okay to use, but I suggest using it during those times when you’re not using Hot-Rox. As for MAG-10, 4-AD-EC, Methoxy-7, or Myostat, these are all fine to use with Hot-Rox.”

Okay, so the message seems to be that you can use most current Biotest supplements with Hot-Rox, but don’t use any other fat loss specific products along with it. They’re just not needed and could lead to negative side effects. In short, Hot-Rox is going to get the job done all by itself. No need to tweak the formula. If there was a better way to formulate it, Biotest would have made it that way!

I hope that helps. And forum dynamics aside, do be safe! You’ve got a lot of great years ahead of you.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks TT.

Go TT!!