HOT-ROX & Energy?

Im about to try HOT-ROX for the first time and I was wondering if it seems to increase your energy levels for the duration of your taking it, or does it wear off, or not help at all with energy. I wanted to try it over a stimulant since they wear off through receptor down regulation.

I’ve been using HOT-ROX ever since it was released (not continuously, obviously!), and I’ve never noticed any fall-off in it’s energy-boosting effects.

To this day, it still keeps me energized and gives me an overall sense of well being.

Good stuff, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Oh, and if you’re not concerned with fat-loss, and just want a boost, check out Spike. There’s no receptor down-regulation after continued use with it.

Agree with atmosphere.

AND, it is especially good during the “funk” that commonly occurs during low-carb dieting.

AND, you can look into Power Drive if you are still stuck on fat-loss but need an extra kick pre-workout or during the day.

I have much more energy doing cardio while dieting with HOT-ROX than without it, which makes it extra painful.

Normaly on a diet I need around 100watt resistance to get to a heart rate of 140, with HOT-ROX it is suddenly 200-250 watt.I have no idea why that is that way, though.