Im am currently dieting and using Stacker 3 (dont flame me i just use whatever ECA stack) Anyway I just picked up some Hot rox. SO, is it OK/advisable to use both together? I know HOT ROX has caffiene but i like the ephedra too. Feedback?

No. Please read the warning on the bottle, the box, the package insert or the FAQ:

<a href=“Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION”>HOT-ROX FAQ

taking both at the same time is not advised,its like taking a very small dose of DNP! It may work better but you could end up in hospital,no joke. I love the ECA stack and HOT-ROX.So what i do is take ECA first thing in the morning then take two caps of HOT-ROX at about 6.00PM. ECA keeps me going through the day and HOT-ROX keeps my body burning fat through the night without keeping me awake. I do not get any bad side effects from taking both seperatly in the day. And it bloody well works!


There’s no way, I’d do that protocol of using both on the same day. There’s clearance times for this stuff and Biotest has made it very clear that the interactions could be very dangerous. Use Hot-Rox + extra caffeine if you need a stimulant.

caffeine screws up the Phospodiestrease actions…straight up you just have to deal with not adding anything to Hot-rox. If anything maybe some quality green tea a few cups prob wouldnt hurt being the higher quality green tea has less caffeine. Myabe some more Tyrosine and or some Extra B’s

what r u talking about? Hot Rox had caffeine. Are you saying using more caffeine than the amount included will inerfere? I would try the englshman’s idea regardless of side fx but the package insert says that adding a stim. could actually decrease the effects of HotRox.

FunkMasterFlex, I’m a little confused. How would caffeine negatively affect phosphodiesterase?

My understanding is the caffeine (and theophylline, which is found in tea) are both phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Inhibition of phosphodiesterase results in increased levels of Cyclic-AMP, which results in increased lipolysis. In fact, Hot-Rox has a little caffeine added for just that reason. What am I missing?