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HOT-ROX Dosing/Timing


Has anyone noticed HOT-ROX working better or worse if they use spread the caps over three doses/day versus the recommended 2x/day dosing?

I'm using 2 caps 3x per day right now and it seems to be working good.



Hypothetically, using such a protocol could be argued to be better, simply due to the fact that you're keeping consistently higher blood levels over the given period of time.

However, in practice, I think most find that it doesn't really make a difference in terms of efficacy simply because the compounds in HOT-ROX all have a decent half-life. In cases where the compounds you're using have an extremely short half-life however, in most cases, it will make a significant difference.


... and for some people, taking HOT-ROX later in the day causes sleep problems.


Sorry but what is the max dose intake for regular HOT-ROX (not the maximum strength one)?


The packaging should give you the proper dosing protocol shouldn't it?


Thanks Cy,
I actually started doing this because I'm looking to stay up a bit later as my BJJ training goes kind of late sometimes. After a long day of work taking later, but smaller, doses of HOT-ROX keeps me up but when I get home I can fall asleep.
I also feel like HOT-ROX raises my metabolism every time I take it and more 'spikes' in metabolism throughout the day can only be good when you wanna lose fat.


It should say on the Recommended Use portion of the label. I believe it's 4 capsules/daily.