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HOT-ROX Dosing on Early Days


So I know about the 6 Hours between taking your first dose of HOT-ROX and the second dose but how closely is that related to it keeping your metabolism going all day? I work at starbucks and sometimes i need to wake up at 4am to be at work on time, so naturally i take my first dose then. When 6 hours later rolls around, its 10am, and im done for the day.

Is that going to keep my metabolism going for the rest of my day till about 8 or 9 pm, sometimes later than that? Should i take a 3rd dose 6 hours after 10am? Any thoughts or advice would be really helpful guys!


You're probably fine with the 4am, 10am deal. Really though, your metabolism can be easily ramped up by a good breakfast. Then you could wait until say 7 or 8am to take your first dose, then follow up 6 hours later with the second.

I would definitely not take a third dose.


Yes it will.

Some of the compounds in HOT-ROX have an active life in excess of 24 hours, so you'll be fine.