Hot Rox Dosages

Hey all,

I have done some searches but can’t find any input. Quick question, would there be any benefit to dividing up the Hot Rox dosages to one pill every three hours. 8:00am, 11:00am, 2:000pm and then 5:00pm.

Right now I take 2 at 8:30am and 2 at 5:00pm.


Play around with it and see how you feel. It is okay to take one at a time up to four times a day.

Hey Matt, good to see another Georgia boy in the house!

I don’t wanna hi-jack your thread but how is Hot-Rox doing for you? Before my diet was cleaned up and my workouts straightened out (pre T-Mag), I tried Stacker and Xenadrine to no avail. They did absolutely nothing for me. But now I’m eating clean, though not calorie deficient, and working out much heavier and could still use some help in shedding some excess BF. I haven’t actually seen a post where someone said, “Hot Rox, this shit works!”. What’s your mileage??

dstrbd_one, if you haven’t read that, then you must not have been on the T-forum long. Run a search for the HOT-ROX Inferno Challenge. Tons of feedback there.

Also read these articles in T-mag, which were written about the winners of the Challenge:

Doing the Impossible

The Next Level

Titanium Teen

Dialed In

No I haven’t, and thanks for the info Chris.

Hey gang,

Well I have tried other ephedra based products in the past and for ME the 1st 6 weeks they would work pretty good but then I just would use them for a morning pick me up. About two years ago, I was taking some and my heart was racing so I quite.

Now for my Hot Rox review, I am loosing wieght (BF) and feel pretty good. I also have changed my diet to the MRP plan for right now. I am loosing wieght and have acutally gotten stronger in the past 28 days.